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August 4, 2008, 7:41 pm
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If you want the City County Council to keep public funding for the arts, use the comment section of this post to place your vote.  Please include your full name.  (Company and/or reason for your vote are optional.) 

If you just have a comment on the site, or want to share your thoughts on city funding, put your comment on another post.  This post is for voting only, please.


Does the public support public funding for art?
August 4, 2008, 6:13 pm
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(Editor’s Update: Thanks Jason, for being better at math than I am.  $1.5 million is 0.1% of the total city budget.  Fortunately, 1,000 signatures also would be 0.1% of the population so the concept still works. Although if we could get to 10,000 signatures…)

According to the IBJ and other sources, Indianapolis’ arts funding is in for a great big hit – down to zero in the next three years.  For a world-class city such as Indianapolis, I find this unacceptable. 

City funding for the arts is largely symbolic; $1.5 million out of a $1.2 BILLION-dollar budget in 2008 (yep, that equals 1% for the arts).  But it still is an important symbol of all that is important, or should be, to Indianapolis.  The arts represent diversity. Education. Thoughfulness. Creativity. Enrichment. Dialogue and debate.  The arts make us think. The arts make us laugh, cry and shout out in protest. Some, like the Arts Council of Indianapolis, can point to studies that link the arts with increased graduation rates and decreased crime.  

Whatever your relationship is with the arts, now is the time to support it.  Do you agree that the city should maintain arts funding at its current level as a demonstration to corporate and other civic leaders that the arts are not only an important part of Indianapolis’ public personality but also contribute to educating and enriching the lives of our citizens, even the most vunerable ones? 

This Web site is dedicated to collecting 1,000 supporting votes for maintaining public arts funding.  Yep, that’s roughly 1% of the Greater Indianapolis population – the same percentage as what the city provides to the arts.  If 1% of Indy residents can speak up for the arts, perhaps the city leaders can allocate 1% of its funding for a different kind of public safety – the proactively safe, alternative to hanging out, educational arts and culture. 

If you vote, I promise to send the responses to our City County Councilors and to Mayor Ballard.  This site will be up until the August 11 budget hearings.  Let’s see how far we get.