Save Public Funding for the Arts

WXNT to talk arts funding Aug. 6
August 5, 2008, 6:55 pm
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The Hoosiers For Fair Taxation blog includes a post about Councilor Christine Scales (who is opposed to funding for the arts), who will talk about the city budget and cutting arts funding on Abdul in the Morning on WXNT at 7:10 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday). Mayor Ballard will be Abdul’s guest from 8 to 9 a.m.  on the same topic. If you want to call in your support for arts funding, this is your chance. The number is (317) 228-1430.


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Cutting ARTS funding is pretty shortsighted and typically political. I see the mayor’s point: funds are low and hard to find and the city/county needs all the spare change it can get. AND there has to be a better way to do it. Cutting salraies of the mayor and councillors would be a GRAND public relations move as it would demstrate their commitment to a vibrant city/county. Cutting parks money will mean major clean-up costs in just a couple of years. Cutting Arts funding will hamper national stature as a major business and convention venue. How about dipping into Super Bowl advertising?

Comment by Marshall Gibson

Please keep arts funding.

Comment by Sheryl Hawkins

Whether a society is civilized or not is determined by its participation in and its appreciation and support for the arts. Public support is at the least, a recognition of that fact.

Comment by Doris Cantrell

Although often dismissed, the arts are a major driver of revenue in any major city, including ours. It is incredibly short-sighted to cut public funding for them. Although sporting events may bring people to the city to visit, no one I know would move to live in a city that didn’t also have a thriving arts community. They would visit, but not stay, and that’s not the direction I want for our city.

Comment by Ed Trout

Some things are worth tightening our belts. Enrichment programs are one of those things. Please keep the funding!

Comment by Doriene Smither

With our state’s focus on getting companies to move here and keeping the ones we have, I think it should help Indy and other metro areas with arts funding. The health of the arts scene is a major component of attracting white collar jobs that come with corporations.

Mayor Ballard has said himself he wants Indy to be a safe and liveable city with an International presence. Let him concentrate on lowering violent crime while the state helps with the arts.

Comment by Mike Magan

The city needs money to fight all the crime.If we could get the cities illegal aliens and gangs under control maybe then we can fund art programs.We have enough chalk outlines in the streets to fund.

Comment by Jack Singulete

Please continue to fund our public arts programs – this enriches the citizenry and enhances the public face our city presents to others, including potential businesses and visitors.

Comment by Roz Webb

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