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August 4, 2008, 7:41 pm
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If you want the City County Council to keep public funding for the arts, use the comment section of this post to place your vote.  Please include your full name.  (Company and/or reason for your vote are optional.) 

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YES. Please keep (increase!!) arts funding.

Comment by Andrea Fagan

Please keep arts funding.

Comment by Andrew Hamaker

PLEASE keep city arts funding!

Comment by Laura E. Glover

Please keep the arts funding!

Comment by Carol

A vibrant community requires residents and interactions; social behaviors, norms and shared learnings result from those interactions.
Public Arts are a vehicle for positive interactions, and allow residents to express themselves in a safe, peaceful and constructive way.
Any city or culture that thrives uses the arts not only for tourism, but for creating an atmosphere in which residents can grow and mature.

To eliminate funding for public arts is shortsighted.
Do not reduce Indianapolis into a working destination – else we will find other places to visit, florish, and enjoy.

Comment by Bob Pyburn

Funding for the arts makes our community stronger.

Comment by David Allison

The “arts” enrich us all. Keep and increae the funding of the arts in all of Indiana.

Comment by Susan Johnson

Arts are a cultural imperative. We cannot allow the new mayor to send us back to the 19th century.

Comment by Janet Allen

If you look at the wonderful recent developments in Broadripple, Mass Ave., Fountain Square among others and wonder how they happened — it is because the city has invested in its arts and culture!
Quality of life is one of the largest indicators of a healthy and vibrant community, and one of the measurements used is access to the arts. To say Indianapolis provides no support for its arts will create a huge detriment to businesses who want to invest here, much less developers who want to build here.
If you cannot base your decision on why arts are important to individuals, please at least consider why arts are important for economic development reasons.
Time and time again city surveys have proven the arts are a stronger economic driver than sports here. The data tells it all!

Comment by Brenda Myers

Please continue the funding to support the Public Arts.

Comment by David Daum

Funding for the Arts is smart business for any community. It is inde4ed shortsighted for Indianapolis to consider eliminating this support; it would be a decision that IU Kelley School of Business students would study – “…how not to entice business to a community.”

Comment by Joe Hammer

Please keep arts funding!

Comment by Holly Bettice

Please INCREASE arts funding!

Comment by Clay Risinger

I have been so proud to show off our city when I’ve had visitors. The public art that has popped up in the past few years, the quality of our theatres, dance troupes and museums and the many other arts organizations has not only contributed to MY quality of living in this city, but it has brought new admiration and respect for this city. It contributes to the well-roundedness of a great city, along with sports, industry, architecture and green space. We’ve all worked so hard to get us to this point and we’re making great strides to be even better. Please don’t let us go backwards by removing our funding. Please keep us on the right track to make Indianapolis a world-class city.

Comment by Kathy Pataluch

Please find a more creative way to cut the budget than eliminating the City’s participation in the Arts, which are vital to any thriving, healthy community.

Comment by Lianne Somerville

Increased funding for the arts in Indianapolis is essential to our city. Please keep funding.

Comment by Fran Zore

As someone who lives in the Old Northside and works downtown, I strongly believe that funding for the arts is critical to the continued growth and success of Indianapolis. Please do not stop that important funding.

Comment by Suzanne Sweeney

Please continue to fund the Public Arts.

Comment by Barbara Tharp

The arts are as vital as any public service from health care to transportation. They not only make Indianapolis a more enriching place to live but ensure creative thoughts and tolerance of all new and different ideas. It is during these trying economic times that we must turn to our artists for inventive and hopeful dreams. You can not put a price on that.

Comment by Ian Hall

Please keep the funding for the arts in Indianapolis!!

Comment by Nikki Goedeker

The arts support and benefit: education, crime reduction, at-risk youth, economic development, social cohesion, cultural preservation. Government in turn, needs to support such a big part of our success as a city!

Comment by Priscilla Lindsay

Keep the funding for arts in Indy!!

Comment by Julie A Schaefer

A vibrant city needs arts funding!

Comment by Charles Goad

Please keep the arts funding in Indy!

Comment by Terri Reilly

Funding the arts in our community makes it an interesting and exciting place to live while giving the citizens a reason to remain here. The arts involve all ages and all income levels, building friendships and understanding as we share our delight in watching or participating or learning.

Comment by Jane Snyder

The arts always seem to be the targets of knee-jerk reactions when budgets are tight. But to cut funding for such important cultural contributions to our city is short-sighted and narrow-minded — qualities that will not move our city forward or enhance the quality of life here. There is more to a thriving city than condos and sports stadiums. If city officials truly want to stem the brain drain and make Indianapolis a thriving, vibrant, meaningful community, arts funding is essential. Cutting arts funding is not only ill-advised, but would also spotlight a sad ignorance on the part of officials on what qualities a true “world-class city” actually embraces.

Comment by Julie Saetre

Please consider increasing the budget (not eliminating it) for our local arts! Indianapolis has worked so hard over the past several years to revitalize the city and make it a contender for international events and conferences. That status is contingent on continued support of the arts. It is not just a mere aesthetic, it is educational and a vital part of the community. Find another way to cut/balance the budget. Indianapolis needs local arts funding if it is going to continue growing into a ‘world-class’ city.

Comment by Molly Coffman

If it were not for my love and study of music I’m not sure I would have ever grasped math! An education without the arts is NOT an education at all. The arts cover all manner of elements of other subjects and bring them together in a way that is not boring! So many pieces of music tell stories from our history and bring them to life in a way that no text book can. The plays of Shakespeare tell of universal truths about the human condition. Most of these we still grapple with today.

Comment by Leigh Anne Sink

Please add my signature to support continued funding for the arts in our great city, made great because of the arts.

Comment by Travis DiNicola

Please keep funding the arts! Some organizations barely survive by the goodwill of donors and funding…and there are so many great arts programs that make Indy special.

Comment by Catherine Fritsch

Please keep funding Indy Arts!

Comment by Tiffany Sauder

What other investment does the city make that gives back ten fold to its citizens in quality of life? Great article in Sunday’s paper about the positive change murals are helping to bring about in the eastside neighborhoods. The arts are of the utmost importance in creating a “world class city”, and deserve – demand the 1% of the budget support that the city gives. We are creative! and know how to be creative with our funding. Please continue to fund the arts in Indy.

Comment by Kathleen Egan

The city’s funding for the arts should be moving in a positive direction, not a negative one. The mayor and city-county council should be figuring out how to increase funding for the arts in an era of belt tightening when it’s been proven by the Arts Council of Indianapolis that $1.5 million in appropriations to the arts on an annual basis actually generate a net economic impact to the city of more than $50 million. Where is the sense in cutting arts funding when it positively impacts the city to such a degree?

Comment by William "Bill" Simmons

The arts are what brought me to Indianapolis; first to study at U of I, and then to work for a number of years. I cannot imagine my life any differently, nor would I change it. To take that away from so many in the future would truly be a crime.

Comment by Delia Neylon

Creative, stimulated minds are necessary to keep the world in which we live vibrant and vital. The arts give us each the opportunity to share common physical and emotional experiences without judgement. We must support the arts within our community if we hope to stay relevant in a diverse, evolving world. Look around the world outside of the United States. Education is incomplete without a connection to the arts, of which we can all contribute and be a part.

Comment by Derek Reid

A vibrant arts scene is vital to our city’s health. Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Allison Edwards

The arts are vital to a growing and thriving city. The impact of cutting the arts funding to $0 over the course of the next three years will devastate this city. If anything, there should be MORE funding for the arts. If we use the economic impact study as a guide, we know that most businesses would be thrilled with an investment of $1.5 million generating $50 million! And 15,000+ jobs are generated through arts and cultural institutions.

I support the arts in Indianapolis!!!!

Comment by Stephanie Lewis Robertson

If I could add my signature 1,000 times, I would!

Comment by Lynne Fuller

Please save funding for Indy arts. It is important, not only for our city now, but for its future generation. Look at the multitude of research that correlates involvement in the arts with higher academic achievement and lower involvement with drugs, alcohol and crime.

Comment by Marilyn Slemenda

Arts education is just as important as math or science…keep the arts in our schools & community!

Comment by Vikki Duke

Our city needs the arts and what it does for the kids in Indy

Comment by Audrey Satterblom

I am outraged that the city leadership is proposing the elimination of the small portion of support the city of Indianapolis gives to the arts. I will remember this come election day.– Doug Dilling.

Comment by Doug Dilling

Please keep funding the arts! It is so important to the culture of our city!

Comment by Jessica Gregory

If we want to continue to be a world class city, we’ve gotta be a well-rounded city! The arts is an important part of that equation. It’s a critical investment in our city, and it shows that we’ve got style and substance. We must keep it in the budget.

Comment by Monica Whitfield Brase

I strongly support the arts!
I feel it is as necessary as math or science.

Comment by Mary Chloe Coffman

Art is a necessary part of living in Indianapolis. I would like the city council to support the ARts.

Comment by meg irsay

YES continue public support for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Jon Laramore

Please keep funding the arts in Indy!

Comment by Jennifer Hollandbeck

Yes. Please continue our arts funding to support our city’s vitality and to ensure that our future generations will thrive as a result of their exposure to the arts.

Comment by Kathy Mance O'Brian

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Justine

The arts have made Indianapolis an amazingly vibrant and sophisticated city. We must continue to support the people, venues and organizations that are putting Indianapolis front and center on an international stage.

Comment by Molly Chavers

We need arts in Indianapolis. Don’t cut the funding.

Comment by Katie Angel

The arts in this city bring so many people together, and inspire good things among us. How we can dare take that away?!?! Please keep funding for the arts!!!

Comment by Liberty Harris

Increase funding to the arts in Indianapolis! It contributes to MY economic well being.

Comment by Kate Oberreich

Do you think Indy would be “building a world class city, one neighborhood at a time” by eliminating arts funding? Indy should be gaining more culture, not causing it to diminish.

Comment by Michael Rumsey

The arts are essential to the quality of life that we live and leave for our children. What is our cultural legacy? Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by David Hochoy

The arts are so important to continue the progress this city has made. Arts make our city mor attractive to corporattions, convention visitors, college students, tourists, etc. We want to be a world class city and that requires a vibrant, active, well funded arts community. It is imperative that the city continue to support the Arts!

Comment by Sherrie Knighton

Please keep or increase the funding for arts in Indianapolis. It is an important part of what makes our city so great!

Comment by bethmillett

As a member of the recent Indianapolis crime prevention task force, I know that positive activities, including arts and parks, are effective crime-prevention tools. As a long-time economic development marketer, I also know that quality of life factors–including arts, culture and green space–help attract jobs and the taxpaying citizens who fill them. In short, arts equal crime prevention and economic development. The city funding is a tiny fraction of a much bigger budget. The ROI is significant. Retain the arts funding, please.

Comment by Bruce Hetrick

The importance of the arts in keeping a city vibrant, informed, and attractive to potential newcomers cannot be stressed enough.

Comment by Will McAuliffe

Support for the Arts is not a choice, is our responsibility. History is told through the Arts of the people that create and support them. Please continue funding the Arts.

Comment by Ricardo Melendez

Funny how the Arts is always the first on the choping block! The gift of all Arts is a life long gift, a life lesson. We need this now more than ever!

Comment by Connie

The arts attract engaged, thoughtful, caring people who want to see this city continue to succeed and grow. Eliminate the arts, and this city’s soul will wither and die. PLEASE keep funding the arts.

Comment by Bill Lovejoy

without the arts and MORE arts funding my children and all others are at a tremendous disadvantage.

Comment by Katy Allen

Where lives your treasures, so lives your heart, your value. In a civilized society, our culture is reflected in the areas of our support and focus.

We elect to be measured by our compassion for our arts. Spend more of our taxes on the arts – retain what little funding we have committed, and increase its percentage to improve our city.

Enhancing our culture, refining our infrastructure, beautifying our surrounding, all are steps towards attracting positive attention, lessening negative activity, drawing business opportunities, and the general betterment of our society.

Comment by Hank Dragoo

A strong and diverse arts environment is an essential component of the eco-system of every great city. The arts need nurturing and investment, because without them this city becomes nothing more than a series of strip malls.

Comment by John Green

The arts provide places where people can live in community with one another and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Mass. Ave is a wonderful example of how the arts can bring the city together, and over the last several years, the spread throughout the city has been huge. White River Park and the Canal have been wonderful additions, and the arts there have really created a wonderful place for the citizens and youth of our city. Please keep the funding, and let our city grow.

Comment by Josh Taylor

There are folks that have worked their butts off to see the Indy arts scene reach the level it has in recent years. Though still not where it should be, it’s better than it ever has been. To stop that growth, or worse, undo what has been accomplished thus far, would solidify the perception outside of town that Indy is a cultural wasteland not worty of retaining it’s artists and their respective talents. DO NOT IXNAY THE FUNDING OF THE ARTS…PLEASE!!!

Comment by Glen Bucy

Please keep the arts funding in Indy–it’s vital for a vibrant city.

Comment by Anne Jester

Yes, please do maintain – and increase – funding to the arts in Indianapolis. The benefits are numerous and touch areas ranging from crime reduction and at-risk youth to economic development. Surely corporations look at cities for business, they consider all the facets of a community, including the arts and the broader culture.

The various arts are truly a universal language. Please consider how they bring us all together as you review the budget.

Comment by Nila Nealy

YES, please keep the arts funding in Indy!

Comment by Tricia O'Connor

Please do not cut the public funding for arts. Just when this city is starting to become more interesting than a value meal and a movie at the strip mall – whoosh – there it goes. Of course, with a “visionary” like Ballard at the helm, we might as well give up.

Comment by Patrick Flaherty

Please keep arts funding for Indy!

Comment by Loretta Oleksy

Cutting off funding for the arts–or other quality of life services–is incredibly shortsighted. Indianapolis’ ability to fight crime is dependent upon its ability to create and maintain a vibrant community that people want to live and work in.

Comment by Sheila Suess Kennedy

Keep arts funding – it helps quality of life which atracts new businesses to our city.

Comment by Laura Littlepage

In the 30 some years we have lived in Indianapolis, the arts have grown and we have attended more and more. Sports we ignore, but the city spends millions on that. Please increase the funding to the arts……we are not alone in wanting cultural activities for our city!

Comment by Sarah Patterson

The integrity of the Council is important to its constituency. Are the arts used to promote Indianapolis as an outstanding place to visit, hold conferences, and start or relocate businesses? I thought so.

Comment by Ginger Plexico

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in a city without a strong arts environment. It shapes our community, strengthens our minds AND our hearts, and brings a sense of civic pride to all that live/work/play in Indy. I’m appalled that only 1% has been budgeted for arts. YES – keep funding the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Tracey Ferrara

Please keep funding for public art

Comment by Terri Stauffer

Without a strong and vibrant arts how can Indianapolis be expected to compete with other cities when it comes to attracting or retaining talented citizens? I hope our city officials are not so short-sided to pull local funding for the arts.

Comment by Doug Downey

Please keep arts funding – its essential to a dynamic and vibrant city

Comment by Megan Perry

A world class city requires world class art. As a musician regularly funded by the city, I would be hard hit by the cuts, and so would those citizens who find my contributions vital to the artistic community

Comment by Katherine Newbold

Art is life, support art and support life.

Comment by helger oomkes

Arts funding is critical to the success of Indianapolis and the Central Indiana community. You do not become a first class city capable of hosting a Super Bowl based on crime prevention – it is based on quality activities for residents and visitors. Indianapolis has built a reputation for the arts and based within the arts; please do not ruin it by denying all funding.

Comment by Jaime Bohler Smith

The arts are critical to attracting educated and talented people to Indy. The arts help our children expand their minds and use their creativity and imaginations. Public funding of the arts should be increased not cut.

Comment by Julie Koegel

A healthy city is full of diverse, thoughtful people willing to work together to better the community. The arts play a powerful and fundamental role to inspire residents of all ages, backgrounds and income levels. While there are always tough choices in city funding, eliminating any program entirely is not the answer. Instead of closing doors, the Mayor and City Council must seek creative ways to enhance the quality of life for all. The Arts, and city funding for it, are critical to the health and well being of Indianapolis.

Comment by Janna Bennett

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”…..Aristotle The Arts is definitely significant to the city of Indianapolis! If anything, we should INCREASE the funding – not cut it!

Comment by Sandie Dunn

Please keep the Indy Arts funding going… Also, support the Parks!

Comment by Sarah

Without the arts, Indianapolis becomes just another hub of industry. What appeals to families and visitors is the arts of Indy!

Comment by Brandi Coffin

Please keep funding the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Alisia Morales

One reason I live downtown is to be able to walk to dinner, the theater, and other smoke-free environments. The arts are not only essential to our emotional well being, they BRING money into the city as well.

Comment by Kathryn Vanderwater-Piercy

It seems ironic that, just when the business world is starting to realize the vital importance of arts education in the modern economy (see Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”,) our leadership would choose to take a stand symbolizing a move in the opposite direction. Children generally value what their culture seems to value. They know the arts are the first things to go when cutting school budgets, so they are taught at a young age that the arts are not very important in the scheme of things. It’s not surprising that when children who have no experience of what the arts can bring to our lives grow up to vote, they reflect that attitude. What kind of community might we have if we showed children that we really DO value the arts? Budgeting a bit more for the arts despite a tight economy and supporting the arts in our schools would be great ways to show the value we place on peaceful, creative community endeavors.

Comment by Eileen S. Prince

Please continue this small portion of City funding that makes a powerful statement to the entire community.

Comment by Jennifer Dzwonar

We need more art- not less

Comment by Sara Rubin

The Arts are just as important to a city as sports. If the city spent just 1 percent of the Lucas Oil Stadium budget on the arts, it would be $7 million.

Comment by Jim Lindgren

City leaders are the architects of our culture, they need to build on the past and create the future by investing more in the Arts. Art contributes to our community’s health and beauty and it helps us to attract new residents and visitors.

Comment by Helene Cross

Can’t imagine this city not continuing the long tradition of supporting the arts. Why would anyone think Indy Hoosiers would be happy about cutbacks in the support of arts?

Comment by Barbara Duke Sams

Public funding for the arts is a mark of a civilized society. We should be spending more, not less.

Comment by Cathy Hamaker

Awareness of the community through art is an immeasurable gift to its residents. Thank you for your careful consideration of the current and future needs of Indianapolis.

Comment by Martha Gilchrist

To be a competitive city that attracts talent from around the world, we must offer a high quality of life, which is mainly all types of ARTS and PARKS (including GREENWAYS!)! Yes, we must also be safe, have clean water, and education, but these are not mutually exclusive options. Arts and parks can play a HUGE role in public safety, education, and other pressing city issues.

Comment by Gail Payne, APR

The life transforming power of the arts needs our continued support from public and private funding. Please keep arts funding.

Comment by Jim Ream

Funding to the arts is crucial to the success of the city, just as much as sports, visits to the mall, etc. Culture makes the city very special in the midwest!

Comment by David Kwasigroh, Indianapolis Art Center

If given the opportunity, I would cast my vote for a tax increase to support the arts, rather than a “public” sports stadium. The arts should be considered a vital part of a community’s infrastructure, as it attracts/retains creative individuals, the young at heart, and progressives.

Comment by Dolores Wisdom

Funding for the arts is an essential parts of creating and maintaining a world class city. Cutting any funding (much less, not increasing it) would be detrimental to us as city and as a community.

Comment by Camme McEllhiney

Arts rule! The best way to attract young, energetic talent to a community is a vibrant arts scene. When you cut the arts, you cut growth.

Comment by Jim Cridlin

The arts are an integral part of the human experience. Increased funding to expand the opportunities provided to the citizens and visitors of the city of Indianapolis is vital to the well being of us all.

Comment by Corinne Imboden

Vibrant cities are rich with arts opportunities and choices. Although all of us as individuals should do our part to support the arts, it is imperative that the city take an active role in the funding as well. Working together we build a strong community that will attract and retain corporations and individuals who choose to come to and live in Indianapolis. Public funding is crucial. You lets the arts down–you let the city down.

Comment by Anne Scheele

The Arts enrich our lives. Please don’t cut our funding.

Comment by Kara Moreland

Do not cut the budget. The Arts are part of the solution, not the problem. At what point in human history is life without arts remembered or celebrated? Please keep supporting the arts in Indianapolis. Don’t let this moment – our history disappear forever.

Comment by Bryan Fonseca

Arts funding by the city is like seed money for the much larger contributions by the community to support arts. The message that the city sends by supporting the arts with 1% of its budget sends a loud message: Indianapolis wants the arts to thrive.

By maintaining substantial arts funding, Indianapolis continues to signal to current and future taxpayers that this is the sort of community that attracts and retains creative knowledge workers. Attracting these people will continue to be a strategic imperative for an increasingly diverst central Indiana economy.

Please, save the 1% arts funding.

Comment by Ken Bubp

It is the arts that provoke and delight our imaginations, thus opening us to new possibilities for our lives in community with each other

Comment by Pam Blevines Hinkle

Please support continued city funding for the arts. The Indianapolis arts community provides so much of the vitality and quality of life amenities for the Indianapolis community and for attracting and retaining residents and businesses.

Comment by Keira Amstutz

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis. You can look no further than to Richard Florida’s ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’ for sound reasons why supporting the arts is critical to a modern, vibrant and dynamic city.

Indianapolis is like a polished gem, and the arts in our community have played a huge roll over the years. Please help keep Indianapolis shining brightly on the world stage — continue to support the arts.

Comment by Joe Miller

Keep funding the arts in the city.

Comment by Ralph Dicks

Please keep arts funding.

Comment by Jennifer Thomas

The arts feed the spirit and thus are an essential foundation of the community. Please continue to fund the arts!

Comment by Nancy Stark

Please continue to fund public arts!

Comment by Charity Counts

I moved to Indy almost 40 years ago when the city was derisively called Naptown. Now is the most exciting time in our city’s history, thanks to our thriving arts community. Do the mayor and city council really want to go back to Naptown? Keep public funding for the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Chuck Daube

Please allocate even more to public arts funding!

Comment by Joy Cropper

Greg Ballard ran on cutting government and wasteful spending. He’s finding out that Mayor Peterson inherited a budget full of holes and mismanaged dedicated funds from Goldsmith and had to make critical choices along the way to fix the budget. Peterson still managed to make gains in fixing the budget and include funding for the arts – what I consider to make Indy a step above most other similar sized cities and the reason it’s livable. Ballard is grasping at straws that cutting this funding will get him to the magic $80 million in cuts he said was possible (which is not). I support increased funding and the mayor and council need to make it happen.

Comment by John Joanette

Please keep public funding for the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Anna Bennett

Please don’t cut arts funding!

Comment by Janet McCabe

Please keep arts funding

Comment by Courtney

Please do not cut an already under-funded, critical public investment. Dollars spent on the arts are dollars we won’t spend on crime prevention and economic development incentives. The arts generate revenue by adding to the tax base. Cutting funding for productive investments is bad fiscal policy.

Comment by Mary Ann Sullivan

It is important that the city continue to fund the arts. They reflect the heart and soul of our community and add to the quality of life. They add to the economic growth of our city. That 1% is not much; but, it generates greater support from corporations, foundations, individuals and other sources.

The arts provide educators with a valuable teaching method that encourages creativity, team work, and critical thinking skills…qualities valued by perspective employers.

Comment by Cheryl Strain

Please keep arts funding. It made the cultural districts and downtown awesome, probably helping with landing big business…like the superbowl.

Comment by Jeanne

I would like to see the same level of support in the community for the arts as their is for the sports.

Comment by Paul R. Wyatt

To abolish funding for the arts is to abolish support for beauty and civility. PLEASE maintain funding for the arts. Thank you.

Comment by Tim Herd

Please keep arts funding as a part of the city budget. It seems a little amount goes a long way, I think you could find that thousands of people are influenced by the arts everyday in the city.

Comment by John Lucas

Please keep arts funding. thank you.

Comment by Sarah Nevin

Dear Mayor Ballard, Please preserve the City’s funding and support for the Arts. The Arts are a critical element of a world-class city that makes Indianapolis attractive to its present and potential future residents that do have a choice of where to live. Thank you.

Comment by Vincent Wong

How can we afford to cut arts funding?!

There is empirical evidence that what students learn in the arts helps them master other subjects, including reading and math. One study demonstrated that arts participation and higher College Board scores are correlated. Another study showed that children who participate in the arts watch less television, report less boredom in school and are more active in community service. Engagement in the arts has beneficial, measurable effects on cognitive development in children. Art and music education and participation foster creativity, enrich appreciation, promote cultural knowledge, contribute to learning and aid the development of social skills. In addition to learning in specific arts disciplines, one study suggests a complex model of learning in which the arts domain of learning supports others, described as a “constellation” effect. (Source: (The Arts Education Partnership) Research concludes that the arts:
1. Reach students who are not otherwise being reached,
2. Reach students in ways they are not otherwise being reached,
3. Connect students to themselves and each other,
4. Transform the environment for learning,
5. Provide new challenges for those students who are already successful and
6. Connect learning experiences to the world of real work.

Comment by Kathi Coon

We cannot continue to call ourselves a world class city while simultaneously cutting Arts funding. Please keep funding for the arts going! And find ways to increase that funding.

Comment by Ben Tebbe

Please continue to support and/or increase funding for Public Art in Indianapolis!!

Comment by Paula Deemer

Not only should the city continue its funding for the arts, it needs to be INCREASED! We are already pitifully low on the totem pole for per capita arts funding. The 11th largest city in the US should be doing far better.
City Council, heed this advice: those of you who vote against arts funding will be remembered and voted out of office!

Comment by Stephan Laurent

Love what public art has down for the community, would hate to see this just go away.

Comment by Melissa Reeves

It is rediculous that we are even talking about this. If the arts received the same level of support that sports does, then Indianapolis might be a world class city insteady of a monstrosity football arena with some hotels around it.

Comment by Ron Nobles

The arts are necessary for the growth of Indianapolis. Please continue funding the arts.

Comment by Peter Gindling

At the store we need to buy bread to nourish our bodies and a flower to nourish our souls. We can’t do without food, but we can’t do without beauty either. Don’t cut funding for the arts!

Comment by Shawndra Miller

To fully comprehend the extraordinary power of the arts to enrich our lives and to bring beauty and meaning to our daily existence is to imagine a city without them.

Comment by Douglas E. Wagner

Add my signature for support of continued funding for the arts for Indianapolis and its community, which is a great city because of the arts!

Comment by Mairin Foley

The arts are vital to the growth of the city, especially as it strives to be considered world-class. Please continue funding the arts.

Comment by Matthew Sikora

I fully support continued funding for the arts in this great city of Indianapolis.

Comment by Dr. William A. Foley, Jr.

What an idea! Save the city – for what – with eliminating arts funding! This is the way we tell people that Indianapolis is a good place to visit? 1% is such a pitiful amount – but it helps to legitamize art in the city. Save Arts Funding!

Comment by Lorna Startzman

I firmly support public funding of the arts as I find it disheartening and unfortunate that Indianapolis government would even consider cutting any funding.

Comment by William M. Foley

I VOTE YES to the ARTS 4 Indy!

Comment by Kevin Akamu

Please keep Indy’s public arts funding!

Comment by Sarah McMillen

The arts provide children and youth with a means to express themselves and serve as an alternative to violence and crime by provide activies for the whole family throughout Marion County. Cutting public funding will greatly reduce opportunities for children and youth to engage in arts activities in school, after school, on weekends, and in the summer. Yes, there are many challenges facing Indianapolis in the years ahead, but reducing or cutting funding for the arts should not be the answer to complex community and societal issues.

Comment by Dorothy ILGEN

YES!!!! We must have the arts. VOTE YES

Comment by Lana Detro

Please keep the arts funding!

Comment by Breanne Riley

+ The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.
::: Pablo Picasso :::

We need every scrap of art we can get around here. Otherwise, there’s no inspiration for creative living.

Comment by Susan Cloe

Yes. Keep supporting the arts.

Comment by Carla Hartman

Indianapolis is becoming known as an interesting, beautiful, hospitable convention city, in large part due to the arts so readily available to the conventioneers. The arts in this city increase its revenue – cutting them out would be like shooting ourselves in the foot. Please maintain public funding of the arts.

Comment by Cathy Sipe

Indy has changed SO MUCH since I graduated from high school in 1997, in large part due to the arts and encouragement of artists in this city. I can’t imagine what would happen if we had less money allocated for arts or worse–no arts budget at all. This can’t just be ignored.

-Rebecca Berfanger

Comment by Rebecca Berfanger

We at support the arts. Please do not cut the arts budget. Invest in our future. Increase arts funding.

Comment by Scott Grow

Yes! Keep the arts funding. I grew up participating in arts programs in the Indy area. It was integral to my development and I can’t imagine that our city government does not see the value that an artistic outlet creates for our community, particularly children.

Comment by Aimee Yarwood

Arts are an important part of any city trying to compete for tourism, business and as a potential living destination. Please fund the arts.

Comment by Brandon Akamu

Add my vote for the arts. We need to increase funding not decrease funding.

Comment by Ellen Munds

Cutting spending for the arts is certainly not part of the vision that I heard our Mayor discussing during the election… Certainly, the citizens of this great city deserve better. And we are demanding better. To the mayor, the council, etc: get creative. Don’t cut arts spending.

Comment by Steve Nealy

As much as I love the Colts and understand the Convention expansion, we need to focus money on more then sports and conventions. We need the funding to continue so all of us can experience art. It is a very important part of our city and is needed to continue to attract businesses, tourists, and potential transplants. Art is needed to keep Indianapolis a World class city. DO NOT cut the arts funding!!!!!

Comment by Lisa M. Wuertz

I am an arts lover and arts supporter. My house is STUFFED with 20 years worth of local art purchases. I know many local artists and help them whenever I can. With few exceptions, these artists do just fine without handouts from the city.

However, I think public arts funding has to go. This is why. Taxpayers’ banks are breaking under the strain of gas prices, property taxes, COIT increases, and the sales tax increase. My taxes have increased about $400 per month since last summer due to these taxes. Currently there is little to any accountability in most areas of government. I know, I’m the gal that led last years’ city council rallies…including the one that taxpayers were locked out of the CCC city budget presentation.

There is more I know first hand about our government and accountability.

Once upon a time I spent 55 hours writing a grant proposal to the arts council…only to be completely ignored until I left numerous calls and messages for Jenny Guimont who was in charge of sending an answer to those that submitted a proposal. Weeks past deadline for answer, and after many messages, I finally received a letter succinctly stating that my project did not fit criteria without further explanation.

I went on to produce an art event attended by about 1000 guests who came from as far as NYC and Seattle. The press was there and it even received international attention. The event was produced without a penny from the city.

It got done because I worked literally day and night to make it happen and cover my expenses. And quite frankly, in retrospect, I can honestly say I worked much harder for the project to succeed because I didn’t get the grant.

The arts will do just fine without forcing the taxpayers to fund it.

City councilor, Christine Scales, discovered that the arts fuding from the city is often going to big organizations that are FLUSH with funds in the bank. Why should this happen when taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill can’t make ends meet?

So far, I’ve not seen any specifics that convince me that these programs should remain….and I am an arts patron with many friends in the arts community who do fine without handouts.

Comment by Melyssa

By the way, the arts culture in Indy did not evolve because of city funding. And if you think it did, you obviously did not watch it happen.

Comment by Melyssa

Melyssa, I welcome your comments on this site but this particular post is for lending your support to arts funding. Please use the other posts for your comments and discussion about arts culture and/or funding.

Comment by saveindyarts

please keep funding public art

Comment by dina verplank

Please keep the funding for the arts! – Derek Powell, Stutz Artist

Comment by Derek Powell

Please keep arts funding. It is more important than sports to many of us. Carol Kramer

Comment by Carol Kramer

Please do not cut funding for the arts. There are decades worth of research supporting the fact that all lives are enriched by the arts–particularly school children of all ages. Employment feeds our bodies; the arts feeds our souls.

Comment by Patricia Grabill

Elected City Council Members, please support public funding for the arts.
Julia Zollman Wickes

Comment by Julia Wickes

The arts inspire creativity and the ability to think outside the box. It is important for schools to keep funding the art programs.

Comment by Kevin Dasenbrock

The arts inspire creativity and the ability to think outside the box in today’s youth. It is important for schools to continue to support the arts.

Comment by Kevin Dasenbrock

Cutting public funding for the arts would be like loosing your soul before you die. Such waste. Such a shame. Cutting public funding for the arts would be stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. I must ask: Do you, as a council person, devalue the beauty, life spirit,enjoyment and community pride that arts brings to us? If so, then, frankly, you are in the wrong business. I am your constituent. I want my tax dollars to be directed to the aesthetic as well. It makes my life better. It makes living in Indinapolis better.

Comment by Bob Williams

The arts—and public funding for them—are part of what makes Indianapolis a world class city. I believe cutting funding for the arts will diminish the city as a whole, even for those who do not think it makes a difference.

Comment by Shawn Wilkie

Please do not cut funding for the arts! The arts are what make each city unique. It is the last bastion of local identity!

Comment by Neal Brown

As Indiana(polis) struggles to halt a brain drain and attract bright new workers, how can the city even think about zeroing out art funding? The property tax fiasco is certainly creating a frightful budget scenario, but how much will it cost to rebuild an arts scene if public funding is zeroed out? Besides, the arts enrich this city in ways sporting venues never will.

Comment by Erin Kelley

No arts, no culture, no cool city.

Save the arts!


Comment by erin

Please keep public support for the arts alive in Indy.

Comment by Christopher West

Do you agree that the city should maintain arts funding at its current level as a demonstration to corporate and other civic leaders that the arts are not only an important part of Indianapolis’ public personality but also contribute to educating and enriching the lives of our citizens, even the most vunerable ones?
YES. A wholehearted YES to continue funding the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Vicki Hermansen

Definitely for arts funding. I’d much rather see the sports subsidies reduced!

Comment by Sharon Henriksen

Please continue funding the arts in Indianapolis. Every single citizen’s quality of life would be adversely affected without public support of the arts.

Comment by Katherine Nagler

Please keep Indianapolis competitive with other American cities by maintaining public support of the arts.

Comment by Amelia (Lee) Marks

Please INCREASE (or at least keep steady) the city’s funding for the arts — it is important to our city on so many different levels.

Comment by Jackie Suess

I am very much in favor of keeping the arts funding at current levels. A better cut would be to lay off police who only hand out speeding tickets.

Comment by T.J. Cole

Please keep arts funding! Maybe if we didn’t spend so much on sports funding we could keep things that actually make this city interesting!

Comment by Michelle Warble

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Becca Loofbourrow

In order for Indianapolis to to be first class city this funding is critical.

Comment by Scott VanKirk

Please please please Keep arts funding. I’m so excited how this city has changed because the arts! Just look back to the now beautiful Mass Ave Arts district, 15 years ago or so you could not go there without getting mugged.

I think it is a great asset if we want to even compete with other cities for any outside organizations having conventions here. Having culture other than sports can bring in that much more money to the city!

Comment by Heather

Absolutely keep funding the Arts!!

Comment by CJ Cochran

All of the public art displays around the city make it an aesthetically-pleasing place to live, work, and visit. They increase city pride, and the community’s awareness and appreciation for the arts. And, the displays are thought and conversation provoking.

Comment by Jennifer Kirchhofer

The arts are part of our quality of life. Please fund the arts!

Comment by Joyce Newland

Please do not cut back funding for the arts! Art breathes life into a city… we do want Indy to be incredibly awesome, don’t we?

Comment by Nicole Hartley

Art is a priority in first-class city. Please maintain and increase funding for the arts in our city.

Comment by Ryan Noel

One of the things keeping me in Indianapolis is access to arts & cultural offerings…if that goes away, I would seriously consider following my friends to Denver, Boston, Atlanta or Austin.

Indianapolis will never be a first-class city until it is a WELL ROUNDED city!

Comment by Gwyn Zawisza

Please funds the arts for kids’ sake! I am a teacher in an urban K-8 school that attended the publicly/privately funded Hoosier Storytelling Festival last fall. The kids loved it, readers and non-readers alike! The storytellers’ performance so clearly painted the literary elements on our students’ imaginations that they were inspired to write, tell, and critique their own stories. Not only are these skills required to meet state academic standards, they are important skills successful adults use on the job and in their personal relationships as well. What are we saying to kids about language, music, art, and theater if we eliminate arts funding? For a mere $3.50 per student, my kids got excited about developing their academic skills to make their own “works of art.” That alone was worth a hundred times the price of admission. Increase funding for the arts in Indy! The ROI (return on investment) is incredible!

Comment by Jan Hise

How can Indianapolis be taken seriously as a major metropolitan city without support for the arts? Our city and state have made great strides in recent years in economic development and recruiting/retaining young professionals. A huge portion of that success is due to the presence of the arts. I know, because I’m a great example of one of those young professionals who felt Indianapolis had nothing to offer in my first few years out of college. I left the state for more arts-friendly cities like Boston and Chicago, but eventually came back to Indianapolis when I saw how much downtown had changed in just 10 years. The arts have taught me how to communicate, how to be part of a community, how to truly collaborate with others. What a mistake to throw that away! Please, city leaders, take the time to look at successful metropolitan areas and truly consider what it is that makes them successful. Then be sure not to cut those very elements out of Indianapolis.

Comment by Julie K. Wallman

When we spend a dollar on art we get a return on our investment that is not necessarily monetary. And that’s why it’s so important. It keeps us engaged with what really matters.

Comment by Marg Herder

Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by Alicia Smith

Public Arts funding in Indianapolis is already low by many standards. It is vital to this city and it’s residents that public arts funding be maintained. Quality of life and attracting new employers and residents is impacted by a vibrant arts community and a thriving public arts program.

Please keep the funding for the public arts!

Thank you

Comment by Taylor Anne Smith

I support public funding for the arts.

Comment by Matthew C. Hale

What Mayor Ballard does not realize is the cultural and quality of life gains we have made in this city over the past decade could easily be reversed. His planned cuts will send a clear message that his administration is willing to walk away from all the partners and goodwill previous adminstrations fostered. This really speaks to a lack of leadership on a very important issue.

Comment by Mark Ruschman

It saddens me to think that the political leadership of Indianapolis cannot–or will not–grasp the contribution of an active cultural life to the city’s ability to attract and retain the kind of creative men and women upon whom our collective future will depend. Withdrawing the city’s current modest support for the arts will make attracting such people even more difficult. Please, don’t make that mistake.

Comment by Bret Waller

Public funding of the arts is always important, but even more important to Indianapolis. Arts and Culture funding is vital to Indianapolis to balance out the disproportional public funding to sports. All things in excess are bad, especially excessive public funding for sports at the risk and expense of other vital and important interests. Lastly, as a father of two, my experience is that artists make better role models than athletes.

Comment by Charles H. Garrido, Jr.

YES. Please keep (increase!!) arts funding.

Comment by Greta Pennell

Support for the arts adds a critical component towards the quality of life for this city. Let’s be proud in our commitment to the arts.

Comment by Stephen Rose

I moved here a little over a year ago and the thing that made me stay was the strong art community. Without public funding, it would not exist, and i most certainly would move. Along with many others.

Comment by Ben Snyder

please do not cut the arts funding in Indianapolis! The arts add dimension and interest to our city for visitors as well as residents!

Comment by Amanda K. Bailey

Yes, keep the funding. I believe we need more funding, but at least keep the same level we have had in the past. Art is fundamental to the creative spirit of any community and is another way to draw tourist to our community.

Comment by Susannah Hebert

Money talks. Read the statistics about the dollars in the Arts on the pdf document below. Cut and paste the link below.,com_docman/Itemid,0/task,doc_download/gid,24/

Comment by Phil O'Malley

According to an independent study sponsored by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Arts Lead Business and Economic Growth. The Arts:
* Generate $468 million is economic activity – an increase of 59% since the last study five years ago
* Support 15,000 jobs
* Generate $52 million in local and state government revenue.
* Attract audiences from around the world and spurs business development which in turns supports more jobs and generates more government revenue.
* Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations spend $181,936,937 annually on wages, supplies, vendors and asset acquisitions within the community
* Nonprofit and cultural organizations audiences spend $286,903,247 annually on parking, dinner, hotel rooms – even child care.
According to reports from Harvard University, the Urban Institute, RAND Corporation and others, the arts lead community development in Indianapolis in other significant ways – including improving public safety and reducing crime. Millions of children, students and senior citizens are served each year trhough community-wide outreach programs, and love- and no cost performances, exhibits and instructional courses.
The Arts Council of Indianapolis exists to advance and promote the arts through funding, advocacy, business, artistic and technical assistance, public and private support, and technology.
Indianapolis needs the magnetism and vibrancy of the literary, performing and visual arts to be competitive in maintaining the best and brightest of its residents and attracting visitors and corporations to Indiana’s capitol city.

Comment by Ann Stack

In order to attract and retain our intellectual capital, young professionals and keep Indy attractive for new corporations, it is imperative that we keep our arts budget alive and healthly!

Comment by Jamie Ratner

Not everyone is a sports fanatic…. Keep things fair and keep arts funding. Even things up and increase arts funding.

Comment by Beth A. Bennett

I was very disappointed to see that Mayor Ballard and the city council are planning to cut funding to the arts community. This will be extremely detrimental to our city. First, new businesses will not want to locate in a city that doesn’t support the Arts. Second, it is critical to keep the Arts accessible to all of our citizens. Without funding, we can not provide art education for our schools. I think we should consolidate the township offices and use the money we save by being efficient to fund the arts.

Comment by Marianne Glick

Keep the arts funding! The arts touch many lives in all parts of our city and all council persons districts.

Comment by Susan Zurbuchen

PLEASE–PLEASE continue to fund the arts. We all benefit! The arts have a positive effect on the cultural environment of our city. Let’s not move backward!

Comment by Pete Steele

Arts funding by Indianapolis is vital to the quality of life for those of us living outside Marion County and brings us into your city.

Comment by John C DePrez Jr

Arts funding in Indy is so important. Personally for me, the arts changed my life and I know that this is the same for so many other. The arts in Indianapolis is an important part of our community and it brings people together. Please do not stop funding for this.

Comment by Josi Sprunger

Keep the funding!

Comment by Joshua Ramsey

Indianapolis cannot afford to lose arts funding. We are ALL affected by the loss of the arts, by the loss of universal communication through all music, through theater, through fine arts, etc. Please vote to keep our arts alive and thriving!

Comment by Heather Ramsey

We seem to be able to afford public spending for stadiums for millionaire football team owners and their millionaire players. Yet I have read studies that the arts bring more money into the city than they do? They are one of the reasons the city is becoming more vital all the time. Rather than cut funding we should be increasing it!

Comment by Richard Patterson

Yes – keep funding for the arts in the budget. The arts are the creative force that allows us to express ourselves and express our uniqueness.

Comment by Liz

Please keep the funding!

Comment by James Fore

Indianapolis is known for sports, but for nothing else. Not every visitor to the city is interested in the NCAA. Indianapolis has a great start on being an arts attraction for its own citizens and for its visitors. The Museum of Art, the Eiteljorg, the State Museum, the Symphony, the Art Center, the Opera,Dance Kaleidoscope, as well as many other arts groups attract visitors and improve our city. Don’t let everything go the way of the Ballet.

Comment by Thomas Mueller

Yes, please keep arts funding! I voted for you, Mr. Ballard. Please don’t betray my trust that you would help to make Indianapolis a world-class city!

Comment by Brenda

I knew this would happen… BRING BACK BART and keep the funding! What will Indy be the “destination” for now?

Comment by Ty Stover

The arts are critical. The priorities of the city seem to be skewed. We need professional art and art teachers as well as professional sports teams and coaches.

Comment by Bruce Westphal

If the City of Indianapolis can subsidize the amount of sports that it does, it can also subsidize the arts. The arts improve the quality of life in a community in many, many ways.

How about a 0.5% food and beverage tax for the arts? We have one for the Hoosier Dome’s roof’s bond that is still not paid off. And it is getting ready to get torn up into little pieces.

Comment by Ron Kern

Arts Funding in the city of Indianapolis,should be as necessary as “Breathing” !! Especially for the small amount given in the whole scheme of things.Please don’t stop our “Arts Funding”

Comment by Carole Shanley

Please keep the funding.

Comment by Walt

Keep funding the arts!

Comment by Chris Simon

The arts are important to a well-rounded, cosmopolitan city. The arts nourish the soul and celebrate life and creativity, and Indianapolis deserves nourishment. Keep feeding the arts so that they can feed us.

Comment by Ellen Hodge

I vote the keep the funding!

Comment by Deseri Garcia

To qualify as a first class city, there must be educational, artistic support, cultural, religious, business and recreational support. Some of these will require more financial support than others. The ARTS must be financed by a first class city. Step up to the call, now. NO CUTS.

Comment by Nancy Showalter

Please maintain the arts funding!

Comment by Elizabeth Kenney

I believe the city of Indianapolis will greatly benefit from public funding of the arts. We are becoming a great city, of which I am very proud, and the arts are a part of that wonderful picture.
Jan West

Comment by Janet L. West

Killing the arts will destroy a vital part of what has helped to make this city great.

Comment by Blake Jeffery

According to our previous mayor, arts in Indianapolis contributes a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue. The 1.5 million that has been made available in the past years is serious seed money for many artists and their organizations, needed funds to help pay for things that make Indianapolis better. Art brings smiles, please don’t cut the smiles.

Comment by Michael Swolsky

This proposal by our city leadership is maddening. At a time when we are deperate to keep our bright,young people in the city and we know that we lose them to bigger cites not as a result of a search for higher wages but through their need for more exciting and cosmopolitan experience, this thinking shows a lack of forsite at best.

Comment by Heidi Fledderjohn

Economic studies have shown that municipal support of the arts produces economic benefits that far exceed the amount invested. Further, every truly great city has great arts. Charlotte, NC. which is smaller than Indianapolis invests 8 times as much in its arts organizations than Indianapolis. Would you rather relocate or live in a city that is artistically vibrant or one that views culture as expendable?

Peter Alexander, August 6, 2008

Comment by peter alexander

If funding to the arts is cut, we will be a much poorer place; the arts contribute to our economy, connect us to each other, enhance our children’s learning environment, and make our spirits soar. The arts are the lifeblood of a civilized society, cut them, and Indy will bleed away.

Comment by Katie Norton

The arts bring more money to our city than sports!
Don’t sell us short!

Comment by Daniel Axler

Please. How can a rational human justify the expenditure for the Colts and not for arts. What’s wrong in this equation? I am proud of the Colts but so much money and so little for arts.

Comment by corbin roudebush

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep arts funding and increase it!

Comment by Jenni White

Continue to support the Arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Mary Lou Dooley Waller

The arts are not expendable. Please do not cut funding!

Comment by Kris McKenzie

I cannot believe we still have a debate over the importance and support of the arts! It is our best chance at understanding each other, building bridges between cultures, learning to look and listen! Give us a chance, support arts!!!
Sofiya Inger

Comment by Sofiya Inger

Mayor Ballard, please keep the arts funding in place.

Comment by Laura Bubp

The Arts not only entertain, it enrichs and educates. Without funding Indianapolis will no longer develop into an important city it can become. It will reverse back into the “nap town” it once was. Please keep funding the Arts, let Indianapolis grow.

Comment by Elise J. Kushigian

Keep funding the Fine Arts.

Comment by Tristan

Please keep the arts funding in place. We are making tremendous strides developing a thriving arts community in Indianapolis that will spur economic development and give sophisticated business another reason to locate in our region.

Please take the long view and look into where and how this money is being spent! The small amount of funding the arts receive from the city’s budget makes a huge difference in our efforts.

Janet Chilton
Visual Artist
StutzArtspace Instructor

Comment by Janet

As a young proffesional in Indy, if we lose the arts whats left as a reason to stay? Don’t cut funding, make it a priority.

Comment by Justin Brady

The arts are a medium for our city to express its soul. Keep public funding for the arts.

Comment by Henry Fernandez

Indianapolis cannot be considered an attractive city to anyone without a thriving arts community. Please do not cut the funding for the arts unless you wish to cut the city’s necessary energy and growth. Support the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Amanda Presnell

Please don’t eliminate the financial support of the arts for Indianapolis.

Comment by Satch

Please do not eliminate the financial support for the arts in Indianapolis. A city without the arts is a city without a soul.

Comment by Julie A. Fore

A great city has a great balance; Arts are an important part of that total balance. Indy has plenty of sports, good business, a great downtown. Good restaurants (a few too many franchises, but some fabulous independents! YUM!), wonderful neighborhoods and fun events. One important part of the entire mix is arts…don’t neglect the arts! KEEP THE FUNDING FOR THE ARTS!

Comment by Lynn Jenkins

We should be doing the exact opposite of cutting funding, we should be increasing it. The amount of money going to the arts now is already pitifully small, why would we cut it entirely? Indiana needs to rethink its priorities.

Comment by Chris Faesi

Yes – keep funding for the arts in the budget. But I would like to see it used for permanent pieces.

Comment by Mike Dukehart, II

As a small business owner who provides goods and
services to those involved arts, I fear what the
impact of elimination of funding for the arts
will have on the costume shop I own, as well as
other local small businesses in Indianapolis.
So Please consider the effect it will have on
the income the city gets from us, when you talk
of this unecessary cut in funding for the arts. We need the support of our government
to be successful business owners!
I am strongly against cutting the funding for the arts!!!

Comment by Cheryl Harmon

The arts make indianapolis a place that people actually want to come to, taking that away is worse for everyone.

Comment by Tarin Hurstell


Comment by Ganesh Sharma

The arts in Indianapolis is something to be proud of. Funding should NOT be cut for this!

Comment by Tom Metzger

The arts give our city a soul. The arts make people want to be here. Cutting funding for the arts is an extremely backward idea for a forward-thinking city.

Comment by Debby Lovell

Don’t cut funding for the arts, try to increase it public-ly and in our schools.

Comment by Melissa

Art is a language that speaks volumes. Please do not strip Indianapolis of that voice. We need to increase funding for the arts, not cut it.

Comment by Carmen Hurt

Please save the city’s arts funding!

Comment by Mike Knight

Please do not cut the city’s art funding. I know difficult choices must be made in difficult times, but this one will have terribly negative repercussions for Indianapolis youth & adults.

Comment by Sally Perkins

The arts funding is more important than the Colts funding going
forward to help Indianapolis retain young talent.

Comment by Tufty

keep the funding and add to it!!

Comment by Andrea Eberbach

I am sad to hear this news! I work with students who if they did not have art as an outlet they would suffer greatly, these are amazing kids who use art to help themselves speek and realize themselves, these are kids who come from very hard lives and the arts fund has helped myself and many others to help them, if they suffer the city suffers…PLEASE keep the funding!

Comment by Joni Goldman

Phasing out Arts funding will only lead to the exodus of brilliant minds and take away thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the arts. PLEASE KEEP THE FUNDING so that Indianapolis remains a place to visit and live.

Comment by Vanessa Flora

So upsetting.

Comment by Nikki Sutton

The arts are a reflection of our communities and should not be under valued. Please, please consider supporting the Art in Indianapolis. It’s made a tremendous difference in our community to this point.

Comment by Jim Clinger

We must continue funding the Arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Barbara Epperson

Indianapolis has come so far in terms of arts and culture, it would be a shame to back off now. This is a long-term quality-of-life issue, and it would be irresponsible not to continue investing this tiny portion of the city budget.

Comment by Scott Hall

Please support the Arts!

Comment by Mary

The answer to so many of our city’s problems – and the cause of NONE. Public art creates community.

Comment by christine plantenga

YES continue public support for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Janet Bishop

Please continue to fund public art in Indianapolis.

Comment by Erin Goodman

For the good of our communities and the success and well-being of our children, arts funding cannot be sacrificed.

Comment by Dana Hart

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Joshua Berntsen

Let creativity flourish in our wonderful city of Indianapolis. Please continue to fund the arts. To some of us, the arts are as important as football and basketball. Thanks for your consideration.

Comment by Kathy English

States have been taking away art programs within K12 schools for years – if you want a well-rounded child you need to open their minds and let them imagine, create, and dream. Do you really want children without dreams? Do not cut artist funding in Indiana and i would suggest upping the amount throughout the state to give us more artists – they are the people who keep interest, ingenuity, and the mindful actually thinking and dreaming.

Comment by Mary C DeLellis

The city should not only maintain the funding, but it should be increased. It should not be necessary to articulate to our public leaders the value of the arts to our community. If it is, we have the wrong leaders in place.

Comment by Thomas Gibbs

I cannot imagine (nor do I want to) a city or world where the arts are discarded and summarily abandoned.

Besides the fact that I’m studying art history to obtain my 2nd baccalaureate, I can truly say that art–in its many different forms–affects me in a positive way; it gives me hope, fuels my creativity in countless ways, and I think that children need to have as many options to explore and develop; getting inspiration from art or creating it are superb ways to teach and enhance the educational lives of children, and adults.

Comment by Jan Canganelli

The arts in Indianapolis put more butts in seats than do professional sports, employ more people, and has a larger economic impact. So why not a little support for the arts? It’s good for business!

Comment by Stephen Towne

To maintain interest in the city by potential visitors, investors, and businesses, arts funding is crucial. If there is so little interest by our governing body in the city’s culture, it is a sad day and sends a bleak message to a potential influx of talent. Please maintain funding at its current level at the very least.

Comment by Greg Bauwens

Keep the Arts!

Comment by Chris Johnson

Arts funding = vibrant city. Arts funds should not be used to fix potholes.

Comment by Tim Varnau

The arts are at the core of community/economic development. Please keep the funding.

Comment by Bud Herron

You ask us to “save the arts”. I rather think that it is the arts that save us. The plan to drop city arts funding to zero dollars in three years seems very unwise. I’ve “had enough” of such uncreative thinking and would vote to keep arts funding—and even to increase it.

Comment by Jack Cooney

Take a good look at our Web site, It is a consolidated source of things to do and upcoming events in Indianapolis and central Indiana. Now cross off every event listing that is arts-related and see what you have left. Arts-related events are the backbone and foundation of Indy’s daily activities.

With all that has been done over the past 20-25 years to make Indianapolis a world-class city, it would be terribly short-sighted to drop funding for the arts, which in actuality represents the MAJORITY of the city’s daily event listings. The mere pittance that Indianapolis commits to the arts is a drop-in-the-bucket compared to the return on investment. We should be talking about doubling funding for the arts, not eliminating it.

Comment by Bob Burchfield

Can you think of a great city that ISN’T known for its art community? I can’t. Support the arts!

Comment by Kyle Smith

Please support the Arts!

Comment by Erica

The arts are not optional for a city with the aspirations of Indianapolis. Keep the funding.

Comment by Ann Herron

Please keep funding the arts, they are so important for so many reasons….

Comment by alissa Zink

Remember downtown Indianapolis pre-1995? The city has made such wonderful progress in so many ways over the past 15 years; public art programs have been such a great enhancement to the growth and development Indianapolis is experiencing. It would be a shame to see funding eliminated for something so worthwhile. Please maintain the public arts funding.

Comment by Michelle Baker


Comment by Adrianne Wolting

Please continue public arts funding!

Comment by Erica

Please continue to support the Arts!

Comment by Richard Taylor

Arts funding in Indianapolis is vital for a healthy community. Art inspires the soul! Support the arts!

Comment by Richard Brendan

Please keep funding the arts in Indiana!

Comment by shirah eliashiv

Let’s not lose the positive momentum that has been created in the city’s arts community. Please keep arts funding in the budget.

Comment by Jenny Guimont

The arts are the backbone and veterbrae of the City of Indianapolis- from the museums to children’s programs, so vital
for a growing and healthy city. It is imperative to maintain the
public funding for the arts if Indianapolis.

Comment by sharon theobald

Yes, please keep arts funding in the budget.

Comment by Mali Jeffers

The arts in any city signify culture and intellectual growth. It demonstrates the citizens’ desire to connect with the greatness of the past and future. Don’t move Indianapolis back to the poor reputatioin it had in the past. Take us forward and help us be a great city! Please maintain arts funding!

Comment by Ron Stratten

I can’t believe cutting all funding is even being considered! Why are they building the cultural trail, then cutting all funding for the culture? Please continue supporting public art.

Comment by Ryan Abegglen

Please keep funding for the arts. It is a vital part of our city, of our community.

Comment by Jeananne Libbert

Please don’t cut funding support for the arts!

Comment by LuAnn Baker

Keep Indy Arts Funding!!!

Comment by MaryAnne Nguyen

Fix the budget issues, then we can talk about cuts. Mismanagement and misappropriation must be fixed first. This is just a band-aid on a bigger issue. Do not cut the arts funding!!

Comment by Derrick Daily

Arts funding is vital to this city. With the rate of return we have on the money received, Indianapolis is better all around by funding the arts at the current and higher levels. The only way to attract young educated people and families to Indianapolis is to have a vibrant art scene. If the city does not monetarily recognize the cultural gifts it has to offer then no one has any reason to come to Indianapolis other than racing which happens two times a year. If the city/state endorsed the arts at 1% of what they give to the Colts, Pacers and other athletic venues and teams through tax abatements and government subsidies then we would truly have some of the best art institutions in the world. And other factors like a decrease in crime, better health-care and parks and a higher standard of living would surely follow.

Comment by Charles Callihan

The arts are vital to this city if it EVER wants to get past its reputation in other parts of the country and become the best little city the Midwest has seen to date. You want young people to stay here instead of flocking to other cities to start “living?”… You’d better keep the arts strong and a central part of this cities culture. Keep funding strong!!!!!!

Comment by Heidi Phillips

please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis!!

Comment by Sarah Fitzpatrick Anderson

To provide funding for the arts is an intelligent, thoughtful and brave decision. While the immediate benefits may appear to be a luxury for a few, the long-term effects are essential for the well-being of the entire community. The positive impact cannot be underestimated.

Comment by James Sholly

Keep the arts funded and you’ll see our communities improve and keep hope in our hearts.

Comment by Andrea Cowley

Please continue funding the arts in Indianapolis. The arts are an intergral part of why we’re a world-class city.


Comment by Nora

Don’t stop funding the arts!

Comment by Ryan Reddick


Nora Leona Spitznogle

Comment by Nora

Please keep the arts funding!!

Comment by Dianna Davis

A civilization is remembered by its art. How can Indianapolis be a world class city WITHOUT art for the public? Keep the arts in Indianapolis funded. We need artists to develop and be nurtured in Indianapolis. Increase the funding, don’t decrease it.

Comment by Ann Moriarty

Please increase the Arts funding!

Comment by Hillary Blake

Arts are vital to our community. Arts are proven to help draw tourism, high-level employees and high-paying jobs. We need arts to balance the wonderful sports and outdoor recreation opportunities in Indy. We can’t just be about sports!

Comment by Juliet Port

keep the arts funding! pay cut for the mayor!

Comment by Ben Long

The Council’s endorsement of public art distinguishes us as a world-class city. Visitors are attracted to us because of it. Residents are proud of it. Keep the funding for the arts. Increase it if possible, but please, please DON’T CUT IT.

Comment by Maureen Malone-Reed

Art adds to the character and vibrancy of a city, and the economic impact of public funding is well documented. Elimination of arts funding would be devastating.

Comment by greg lucas, g.c. lucas gallery

I am an IPS elementary music teacher. Do I teach music with the intention that every child will grow up to be a professional musician? Of course not (though I certainly want to inspire and develop the skills of those that aspire to do so). But I do teach with the intention that every child will grow up appreciating music, and will understand music as one of many ways to express creativity and communicate that which language, math, science, etc. cannot express. How can we teach children to think if we do not give them every tool and opportunity available to create or be inspired by others’ creativity? These children will choose many varying careers. Is that all that we want to prepare them for? And don’t we need children who know how to “think” to truly prepare them for the many life choices that they will encounter, career or otherwise? What will they do with their “leisure” time? Why not give them something that inspires them? Why not offer them a community that encourages creativity? Why not offer them a community that encourages them to think?


Comment by Tricia Clark

The arts are absolutely crucial to a city which strives to provide a desirable environment to its citizens. The arts affect us economically, make us more competitive with other cities, and reduce crime. But more importantly, the arts lift us to a higher level as humans.

Comment by Henry Leck

I vote in every election, even primaries, and I will not vote for anyone who opposes arts funding. Voting against arts funding is a pandering, mindless, knee-jerk thing to do. Not only is it the wrong action, but it reveals the ignorance of any politician who does it.

Comment by Jim Ross

The arts are much too important for Indianapolis to be put on the chopping block, it would be a shame for this administration to be so short sighted. What does it say about the city if they can’t allocate such a small percentage of the budget for something as important as the arts? Not the kind of leadership that people were hoping for.

Comment by Lynne Ensminger

Keep Indianapolis vital. Keep arts funding!

Comment by Scott Johnson

Please keep funding the arts. Art is a vital link to the unseen aspects of our existence and can be ignored only at our peril. It helps to save us from a dangerously one-sided mode of behavior. This is the essence of the importance of art and doesn’t even begin to touch upon the joy, wonder and enrichment of the quality of life that it brings.

Comment by Carol Spicuzza

Keep funding the arts for a vibrant Indianapolis.

Comment by Susan Beauchamp

Mayor Ballard sent an assistant all the way down to the City Market stage to tell us he loved our music last June. I hope he remembers what he heard from his office atop the City County Building and supports public funding for the arts. “When the King loves music, All is well in the Kingdom”

Comment by Mike White

We have taken major steps forward in recent years concerning Public Art Programs that we are all so proud of. Taking that funding away from the citizens that play by the rules and giving in to criminals is criminal and thats how it will be seen by many.

Comment by Sarah Arkanoff

YES, it is critical to our community to fund the arts.

Comment by Amber Cleveland

I think we absolutely need to keep funding for public art in Indianapolis. It is an instant message to visitors that Indy is an excellent place to visit and live. This becomes even more important as Indy does host and will be hosting many events that put our city in the NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT (e.g. Monday Night Football, Superbowl, NCAA events, Indy 500, Brickyard 400, MotoGP, US Nationals, and most importantly the conventions we currently have and are sure to get from the convention center expansion). Additionally, public art enhances the overall ambiance of the city that large corporations (e.g. bio-tech-JOBS) consider when choosing a location for expansion or relocation. I think public art helps our great city stand out on the competitive world stage.

Please don’t cut public art funding and make Indy just another Midwest city. Keep our city great!

Comment by Jon Guimont

Please keep arts funding in Indy!

Comment by Rissa Guffey

Keep arts funding in the city budget.

Comment by Indra Frank

We must save the arts! Huzzah!

Comment by Katie Utterback

If we can afford to build a $700M stadium for the benefit of sporting events, we certainly can provide funding for the arts!

Comment by Tim Robinson

I would be horrified if our city cut the funding for arts becuase of thier mismanagement of city property tax money and other items. They are pulling money away from important things to give to items that were thier mistakes. I suggest they coff up money from thier cofferes to re elect themselves to the positions they are in and stop wasting that money and put it to good use. Most of them keep that money and use it for thier advantage.

Comment by Jamie Mentzer

Arts attract higer educated, professional people moving to town, ultimately fuels economy and increases attractiveness to the public, turists and businesses. It is narrow minded not to understand an investement value of the arts.

Comment by Dmitry Arbuck

Please keep the funding for the Arts.

Comment by Paul Enzinger Jr


Comment by LAUREN

Our dynamic and diverse arts community it what makes Indy a world-class city. The arts are Indy’s coast, ocean and scenic view and without them, our fair city would be very dull indeed. Additionally, the outreach provided by Indianapolis arts organizations make a significant contribution to the public safety of this community. Unfortunateley, a cut in arts funding from the city could very well translate into a loss of these outreach intiatives, leaving us with dull minded, unimaginative children at greater risk to perpetuate the violence in our city. THe money given by the city to the arts is a by-line in one of many budgets of the city and it is disheartening to see the arts funding singled out by a few unenlightened souls. I have faith that Mayor Ballard will ultimately fund the arts and that a bridge can be built btwn public safety and the arts to benefit all.

Comment by Kim Davenport

Arts funding is crucial to the education and culture of our city! Please keep!!!

Comment by Alicia Relford

I appreciate the mayor’s seriousness on the crime issue, and understand that a little belt-tightening may be necessary at this time. However, the intention to completely emliminate the arts budget is short-sighted at best.
Plese continue funding this necessary element in our city.

Comment by Jessica Burnside

Is it that arts flourish when everything in a society is going smoothly and folks have time and money to spend on the arts? Or, is it that a well nourished arts community fosters a society in which people care and thrive? I vote the latter!

Comment by Jared Duymovic

City leaders throughout history have known that funding the arts is essential for building a city that is vibrant, attracts people and businesses, and is felt as a unique place on the world map. Just think back to the cities you have visited that have really touched your heart, made you want to live there, be a part of their special vibrant community. Those cities without exception will have two things of immeasurable value – beauty (both natural and man made) and creative energy that the citizens of the place feel pride and ownership for. Surely the leaders of Indianapolis have visited other cities in which they have felt touched by beauty and creative zest. (New York? Santa Fe? Paris?….) Any Indianapoilis city leader who choses to end funding for the arts in Indy is basically saying they are in favor of returning to the days when people who live here refer to their home town as “India-no-place” (as many of us did back in the 1970’s) instead of being a leader who helps continue to create Indy’s renaissance. That our city leaders would even question funding the arts causes me to question whether they are the creative leaders that our city truly needs.

Comment by Liza Hyatt

Keep public arts funding!

Comment by Kathleen Hanna

The arts in Indianapolis are essential to the vitality of Central Indiana. The economic impact of the arts in Indianapolis amounts to nearly $500 million annually, with 900 non-profit arts events occurring monthly around the city. To give some perspective on this number, according to the Speedway, their three big races combined have an estimated impact of just under $727 million. And the annual economic impact of the Colts is a projected $190 million once the new stadium goes up.
The arts have also helped to bring new life to downtown Indianapolis. With crime on the rise–there have been 71 homicides in Indianapolis to date in 2008 (that’s 5 times the last recorded national average for the U.S.), maintaining a lively and financially robust downtown community is critical to our success as a convention town that annually welcomes the National FFA Organization convention and plans to host a Superbowl in the not-too-distant future. This is what the arts can do for us!
Shutting down the arts is not the way to stop crime. We should fight rising crime through reform in the criminal justice system and by addressing the critical issue of exoffender re-entry with meaningful job training programs and work support services. 5,000 exoffenders will return to the Indianapolis area this year. Statistically, 75% of these folks will end up back in prison within three years, unless they find meaningful work in the community. Employment is the number one solution to recidivism.
Furthermore, with a brand new multi-million dollar performing arts center about to go up in Carmel, now is not the time to undermine the position of downtown Indianapolis arts groups.
Cutting arts funding to pay for more police presence WILL NOT make Indianapolis a better place to live.
The arts lift us all up–not just intellectually and spiritually, but financially. They remind us of our own humanity and they create quality of for all the citizens of Indianapolis and they contribute in very real and meaningful ways to the economy of our city.

Comment by Kindra S. Orr

The art and culture of this city keep things interesting and give us fun stuff to do in the evenings and on the weekends! Let’s not reawaken our “Naptown” reputation by cutting funding for something so dynamic. Let’s keep Indy arts funded!!

Comment by Abbey Pintar

The success of our city has been based in large part on leaders who understood the value in intangible assets that improve the quality of life for the City’s residents and the City’s reputation throughout the country. Please do not reverse course on all of the progress that has been made.

Comment by Brandon S. Judkins

Please continue to fund the Arts in Indianapolis! The Arts (all types) are not only enjoyed by thousands of Indianapolis residents every day but are a most critical and important part of making Indianapolis a “great” place to live and work.

Comment by Nancy Zent

Maintain or increase the current budget in support of the Arts.

Comment by Sam Crimmins

In order to be taken seriously as a city on the rise, Indianapolis MUST have a thriving arts community.
Keep funding the arts!

Comment by Theresa

We must keep Arts funding in our city budget! Aside from all of the positive impacts listed in the hundreds of responses above, we need to collectively act for our future.

Mr. Ballard’s administration even considering cutting a paltry 1% of the budget from such a critical need is proof again of short-sighted politicians looking for quick-fix answers to extremely complex problems.

Yes, our nation’s municipalities are stretched thin. Yes, each taxpayer is too. But we must stop and think what we get in return for those precious tax dollars. A sparkling city, with problems, whose leaders share in the high stakes of our collective history.

Mr. Ballard, you are writing that history right now. Will writing off the Arts in Indianapolis by cutting it out be the legacy you want? History is full of Dark Ages. Let’s add a positive chapter to our city’s record. Please think for the future and keep Arts funding.

Comment by Sarah Adams/AV Framing Gallery

How embarrassing this would be for our city. Please fund the arts!!!!

Comment by Chris Wachob

We’ve come so far! I vote yes for continued funding of the Arts. Let’s grow Indy to be the best it can be.

Comment by Roni McCord

Please don’t reduce funding for the Arts in Indianapolis! The Arts are an important part of of making a city a fun and engaging place to live. Reducing funding would be a big mistake and a detriment to Indianapolis residents’ quality of life.

Comment by Sumitra Ghate

Save the Arts! Its apart of our culture and life.

Comment by Shonda Royall

Please keep Arts funding in our city budget. The arts foster a spirit of community and hope in difficult times. Withholding funds for this essential element of the human spirit hurts the poorest and most disadvantaged among us.

Comment by Tina Gianfagna

Please continue to fund the arts. It’s crucial to our national reputation of being a terrific, well-rounded city. The arts are for all ages and I want my children to continue to live in an artisticly-diverse city.

Comment by Steve Hanson

Absolutely essential!

Comment by Michael Shelton

Indianapolis must offer more than sports. The arts are an important component in the lives of our citizens and support for the arts should be important to our elected local govenment. I echo what so many have said….. Please keep the funding for the arts.

Comment by Janet Fischer

The same Six Sigma black-belted MBA mentality that leads to these line item initiatives should be applied to the multiple existing studies that show in spreadsheeted black and white the positive revenue impact that the Arts have on a community and its draw for major corporate investments in larger cities.

Comment by Paul Greatbatch

The arts are key to Indianapolis being a community in which I want to live and have my business. Please keep investing in the success of our city.

Comment by Andrea Cranfill

keep public funding for the arts, ya hear!!

Comment by Jill

Please keep the arts funding in place. It is short sighted to cut this funding as it has a tremendous multiplier effect. In fact, arts funding should be increased. Further, cutting arts funding would seem to cut against this image of a Super Bowl city that we are attempting to foster.

Comment by Thomas Gray

Part of what makes Indianapolis a great place to live is the rich arts & culture opportunities available to anyone on a daily basis. The fact that our local government supports that shows that our city values those organizations’ efforts. Cut the funding and those of us that work in the arts will be led to believe that our work means zero – the same figure as their dollar support – to our city leaders. That financial support doesn’t just go to what some consider the elite; it supports education as well as crime prevention. I thought those were two things that local government promised to improve upon.

Comment by Angela Y

Please vote to preserve the arts funding in our city. This small percentage of money is an investment not only in the arts, but in the well being of the city of Indianapolis.

Arts funding has helped promote Indianapolis as a tourist destination, it has enriched and educated through outreach and other arts programs, it continues to sustain culture and beauty within the city and largely contributes to overall economic growth and stimulus.

Comment by David Kleeman

Keep the Arts, or zombies will eat your face and snakes will multiply within your heart. Keep the Arts funding, too.

Comment by david goodknight

Please continue support of the arts. Indianapolis economy and quality of life and, indeed, its character, depend on it. Groups are always quick to decry the “real” benefits of the arts..but look around…would people be going to the Cultural Districs (Mass Ave, Fountain Square, Wholesale District) without the draw of live music, art galleries, and such? I agree that to devote all monies only to public safety is to “give in” to the lowest common denominator. In the same vein of “the terrorists have won”..truly “the criminals will have won” if they get all our attention and resources. Does anyone think there would be a single, great European city, if they were not widespread public support for the arts. It is no secret that those thinking of moving businesses here, consider the character and quality of life of a place as much as they consider tax incentives. It must be a place the owner or CEO would like to live. It must be a place that same leader can attact employees to move to. Don’t be shortsighted.

Comment by Don Cummings

Yes, if you want our city to continue to grow as a source of culture and growth to bring further events like Superbowls and jobs, we must keep the Arts!!

Comment by Adrienne

Arts funding is essential!

Comment by Hannah Lyon

Please keep funding the Arts in Indy! Funding the arts and culture of Indianapolis will continue to help the city grow. Indy’s arts and culture have not only helped it become a toursit destination, but a place of education as well.

Please continue to fund the arts and culture of INDY!!!!!

Comment by Eric Ratner

Take away the arts – there is no soul.
Take away the soul – there are no people.
Take away the people – there will be no business.

Comment by Gary Schmitt

Please KEEP arts funding in place!

Comment by Amy Falstrom

Please continue to keep funding the arts — they are critical to the city as well as those of us in the nearby suburbs!

Comment by Debbie

YES – Public arts funding is VITAL to our city! INCREASE funding for arts.

Comment by Jeffrey M. Roth

I support public arts funding.

Comment by Matthew Ellis


Comment by Jenna

If the city is not committed to quality of life, it will seal its fate as a city in decline. Fund public arts!

Comment by Lisa Marchal

We live in a city that has made every effort to become a resource for athletic and convention events. Our Governors and Mayors have worked to attract corporations and manufacturers to our state. We are struggling to retain our [college] scholars that leave Indiana at an alarming rate. We attempt to enrich the daily lives of children in public schools, whose academic scores are showing of signs rising… and we take a twenty year step backward and try to choke the very things that are making us a better city. Without visual, musical, theatrical, literary, [etc.]venues in Indianapolis we will make a slow painful slide back into that city between Chicago and Cincinnati that you pass through to get to Illinois and Ohio.

I do not know about you, but if Indiana stops funding to the Arts, you can count me out – I am moving. I have waited years for our capitol city to ‘grow up’ and embrace the talented and expressive people here in Indiana. We have garnered as much recognition in the last six to eight years nationally for the Arts here as we have received from any other venture. I think our new Mayor should take a business in the arts course and rethink his decision.

Comment by Leah Keel

Please keep arts funding!

Comment by Neal Roach

Please keep the arts funding in place.

Comment by Kelly Alvey

Please keep arts funding!

Comment by Erika Roach

Comment provided from Kristy Collins
8109 Bromley Place, Indinapolis, IN, 46219

It would be detrimental to our city to lose the arts. The arts is one of the things that draws people to our city and makes it a wonderful place to live. I take full advantage of all of the art venues around the city and would be gravely dissappointed if many were eliminated. Especially if it was due to lack of funding from our government!!! I hope that before funding for the arts is cut, all politicians will observe the arts in Indianapolis so that they will realize what we will be losing.=

Comment by saveindyarts

Please continue to fund the Arts in Indianapolis. It is truly short-sighted to not to support the arts in this city.

Comment by Sarah H. Kunz

Please keep funding for the arts in the budget.

Comment by Susan Woods

I agree that it is incredibly important for our city to continue supporting the arts. We have a beautiful, wonderful, vibrant city that has improved its image greatly in the past 10 – 20 years. While we were known as a sports capital, and we’re increasing visibility and support for this, we also have some of the finest arts organizations in the US here (and I’m originally from New York state, just two hours north of New York City). I believe Indianapolis is one of the finest cities in our country — it’s still a bit of a hidden gem for many from the coasts, and if we decrease our support for the arts, then I believe our quality of life and our vibrancy will decrease enormously, and it will take many, many years to rebuild what we have already. I would LOVE to see our city support the arts with as much financial support and patronage as possible … and to spread the word about these assets in a variety of tourism campaigns. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT cut funding for the arts here in Indianapolis!

Comment by Sloane Thompson

Have not studies been long done to prove increased revenues let alone quality of life issues result from a supported arts community? How are we to be a world class city with no public arts programs. Seems antiquated and out of touch for the year 2008. This is embarrassing on the heals of failed proposed legislation regarding banning the nude human figure appearing in legitimate art publications, etc. No wonder Indiana has a brain drain and creative drain problem…

Comment by Constance Scopelitis

It is essential to maintain arts funding, even in a weak economy – in fact, ESPECIALLY in a weak economy. The events draw people together in a positive way, enhance our lives and help maintain the vision essential to our city.

Comment by Christina Scofield

The Arts in Indy needs our support. We should allocate funding to this area to enrich the citizens who may not be sports fans!

Comment by Claudia Dille

I’d hate to think that my children could live in a community that doesn’t support the arts.

Comment by Elyssa L. Noonan

Yes, please keep arts funding in place for Indianapolis! Cutting this funding would be a huge step backward in our efforts to become a world-class city.

Comment by Connie McCue

With all the current criticism of public education, how in the world can we contemplate cutting the arts when we know how much they enrich the minds and lives of children?

Comment by Kate Duffy

Who would want to live in a community that does not support the Arts?????????????????????

Comment by Chuck Hearn

Elected officials: Do not cut arts funding. It’s such a small percentage of the budget but has such ENORMOUS impact on not just Indianapolis, but all of Central Indiana.

I couldn’t stop you from charging me to pay for a stadium I’ll never visit, that will generate millions in revenue for just a few families, but I can lend my vehement, strident opposition to your panicked idea about cutting the arts funding as a way to balance the budget (probably just to claim as an achievement later that you “balanced the budget”). And I can lend that same determined voice to my votes when it’s time. You’re supposed to represent the people, not oppress them.

Save – and increase – arts funding. Please.

Comment by Amanda Congrove

Please keep the City-County arts funding in Indianapolis.

Comment by John J. Goodman

The decline and elimination of public art support from city leadership would produce devastating consequences to the arts sector as well as effect the creative core of the citizens of Indianapolis and our great state.
To quote the web site, “The arts play a significant role in Indiana’s economic development, community revitalization, historic preservation, and cultural tourism”.
Please consider the long term consequences of a vote to eliminate funding that would effect more than 300 community baased arts organizations and arts programming providers.

Comment by Tad Fruits

The arts in Indianapolis are the main reason we visit the city and spend money not only at those organizations but also at area restaurants and hotels. Without them we would go to St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville, Columbus (Ohio) – Not only away from the city but out of the state!

The arts increase a city’s quality of life and are one of the influences that attract not only corporations but also employees to move to the city–and to stay once they are there.

Those who know the value of the arts know how the arts can change the world–and that’s not a lofty statement. I just spent an intense three days in workshops with Augusto Boal. His theatre throughout the world is literally changing it for the better in people’s awareness, thoughts and actions in communities from India to France to South America to those here in the United States. This is only through one type of theatre – add in the rest and all of the other arts and imagine the effect.

Or…Imagine for a moment the world without any of the arts – no music, no museums, no dance, no theatre, no literature, no TV, no movies, no video games, no comic books, etc. etc. etc. What do you see?

The arts are what make us human! It is through the arts that creativity and creative thought arises. They make us imagine a world of possibility and that doesn’t affect the humanities alone but science, technology, engineering and math as well.

Please please please don’t destroy what you have spent so many years cultivating!

Comment by Jeff Casazza

A city that claims to be world class without funding for the arts? Unthinkable!

Comment by Nancy A. Brooks

Funding for the arts must not be cut in Indianapolis. We must recognize that a thriving arts identity is one of the hallmarks of all great and important cities.

Comment by Brent Wallarab

To have no funding for the arts is a horrible future i hope Indianapolis does not have to face. The arts are so critical to the development of children and all people because the exposure generates new artists of all kinds, as well as a greater respect for artistic talent and creativity. Without art, there is no life because art is made up of responses to human feeling and emotion and action. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if there is no support for art in this country. Indianapolis must be an example to other cities. SAVE THE ARTS!

Comment by Peter Denz

To truly be a world class city worthy of the SuperBowl, our Arts funding cannot be the first major line item on the chopping block.


Comment by Kathy

Please continue funding the arts!!

Comment by Jennifer Stafford

Funding for the arts is absolutely vital for Indianapolis. Not only do the arts promote economical development and tourism, they make Indianapolis a more enjoyable place to live. From a personal standpoint, not only would I most likely be out of a job but I would have no desire to remain in Indianapolis.

Comment by Molly White

PLEASE keep city arts funding!

Comment by Stacey Stuteville

As an artist and arts supporter, I am proud every time I hear about a new or existing art event taking place in our city. Indianapolis has made great strides in bringing downtown back to life, and it’s good to know that the arts are receiving emphasis along with that placed on sports and events at the convention center. Public funding is a vital part of this commitment, and should be continued.

Comment by Carrie Wild

The world is a much better place because of the arts and it is critical that we have continued funding!

Comment by Valerie Jackson

The arts programs are one of the strongest enticements for living and visiting Indianapolis. Please maintain (or even increase) public support for the arts.

Comment by Stephen Wolcott

The arts are what add texture and joy to our lives, without which we would exist in a bit of a bland world. It is vital to change, thought, experience and growth. Keep the funding, change the world.

Comment by Emily Cross

Although the arts do not generate as much revenue for our city as the Colts and umpteen conventions do, they are no less essential. As a life-long resident, I chose to stay rather than be part of the youth “brain drain” after graduation, and part of my rationale was because of *all* that Indy offered, including an ever-growing arts scene. Our city must provide a robust and diverse offering of arts, sports, entertainment, and culture to attract and retain citizens of all kinds. I simply cannot agree that cutting the arts budget to $0, and saving just one percent of the city’s overall budget, is worth the much larger price of doing so.

Comment by Kristin Ferguson-Wagstaffe

Yes to the arts! If we’re to be a world-class city, we should behave like one. This is our chance to demonstrate our standing as a citizen of the global community.

Comment by John Elder

keep the funding for Indy City Arts- it is definitley needed for our city.

Comment by kathryn

YES – keep the funding.

Comment by Tammy Gigli

Indianapolis has a rich variety of artists with unique ideas and perspectives and we need funding and support for this to grow and continue to enrich Indianapolis culture.

Also, the arts are vitally important to the development of youth. Involvement and exposure to the arts helps with cognitive abilities, mental and physical well-being, discipline, and can allow healthy self-expression and self-esteem.

Comment by Sara Yanney-Chantanasombut

The arts keep the soul alive. If you take away the arts, the results could be catastrophic.

Comment by Amanda McSwine

Keep the art funding. I like seeing sculptures up and art in window spaces.

Comment by Tré Reising

The arts (and parks, also in danger) are critical to the life of our city. Just when we thought it was safe to brag about our illustrious Arts Council, our growing public-art program, our public support of numerous arts organizations, we get hit in the gut. And, I agree that arts programs keep kids involved in fun activities that promote a safer city.

Comment by John Sherman

Please keep the arts funding — the arts are languages that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness. Indianapolis needs the arts to achieve world class city status.

Comment by Mary Azar Callahan

We need arts funding in Indianapolis. The health and vibrancy of a city’s arts community is a clear indicator of a city’s financial health.

Comment by Erik Deckers

A city breathes, dances, sings, writes, sculpts, paints, acts, speaks, grows through the arts. Nurture cultural aspirations, community spirit soars. “Yes” vote here.

Comment by John Barna

It would be a shame to lose public arts funding after we’ve made such recent strides. Please vote to keep it!

Comment by Robin Toulouse

The idea of cutting funding in the arts is infurating. If we are not showing and teaching our community to think and act with curiosity, invention and imagination – we will not solve any of the problems we face.

Comment by Brian McCutcheon

Art is so important in every person’s life. Art enables someone to think out side of the box – something that can be applied to every other aspect of life. Please keep public funding for the arts!

Comment by Marlina Lies

Protect the arts! Arts funding is such a tiny fraction of the city budget already. Surely there are other ways to balance the budget than to eliminate arts funding.

Comment by Benjamin Berg

Please keep funding INDY arts!

Comment by Jan Nichols

Studies have shown that funding for the arts returns over 6 times that funding in tax revenues. Any business person would tell you that this is an excellent investment.

Comment by Andrew Ball

Protect funding for the arts so Indy can continue to become a premier city for visitors as well as a great place to live!

Comment by Becky Wardzala

Arts are the soul of a community. With citizens looking closer to home during an economic downturn, it is more important than ever to sustain this community. Professional sports are increasingly reserved for those with higher incomes, and no Colts outcome has ever touched many of us like a vibrant arts community might.

Comment by Jerry Mannell

Funding the arts makes the city a great place to live!

Comment by Matthew Van Oss

Please keep public funding for the arts!

Comment by Katy Prairie

Keep Funding

Comment by Marlon Hurst

Please keep public funding for the arts so the city can continue its diverse vitality.

Comment by John Clark

Yes, please retain public funding of the arts in Indianapolis at current or even increased levels.

Comment by Clay Miller

Keep the arts funding!

Comment by Wilson E. Allen

The arts are so important to our community and its future. I am proud of our city’s progress in this area and would be saddened to see support for the arts go away. Please keep the arts a priority moving ahead.
Amanda Cecil

Comment by Amanda Cecil

Please do not cut funding for the arts. Arts are a vital component to the quality of life in a City (and surrounding areas), and it’s a well known link that quailty of life issues are important for economic development and attracting good jobs.

Comment by Amy Haacker

Yes! Fund the arts, unless you want thousands of disenfranchised, bored, broke, creative rebels wandering the streets looking for ways to get peoples’ attention. I don’t want that and I’m one of them!

Comment by Phil Barcio

Arts programs in our community can inspire and open doors for many individuals who would not ordinarily have these opportunities. It is imperative that both public and private funding –especially at grass roots levels –be sustained.

Comment by Claudia Johnson

Without the arts the community is close to unable to express themselves freely. The arts in Indy are very important. Indy is a very artsy town, and SHOULD remain this way. Its part of our identity.


or at least KEEP them!

Megan Rainwater

Comment by Megan Rainwater

A city without public funding for the arts is NOT a world class city! We MUST support the arts to enrich the lives of our citizens.

Comment by Tom Vriesman

Please do not stop funding the arts!

Comment by Amy Stoddard

Yes, please keep art programs in the city budget.

Comment by Alisa Ervin

Reduce funding for the arts? Who wins in that situation? Certainly not Indianapolis, whose image as a single-minded sports capitol demands the balance of a thriving arts community. Let’s increase funding instead.

Comment by Judith Reasoner

Yes, please continue to support the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Jim Butz

How can this city make the claims it does about itself if its leaders do not have the common sense to continue public funding for the arts? It is necessary that the City-County Council include arts funding in OUR budget on a permanent basis.

Comment by Owen Schaub

The city government’s progressive attitude towards the arts (up until now) is one of the main reasons I chose to stay after graduating from Butler, rather than contributing to the ongoing brain-drain. I would hate to see Indianapolis turn its back on something that makes the city so vibrant and attractive, and I shudder to think at how our local economy wil be affected if we lose arts patrons to other cities. Please keep the arts funding- and consider increasing it!

Comment by Becky Ruby

don’t stop funding the arts

Comment by Jeff Weissenberger

Indy has come a long way. Now is not the time to retreat bck to bing a 2nd class city. Please keep the funding for the arts in Indianapolis!!

Comment by James D Smith

No matter how big our sports arena(s) and no matter many times we say we want to be a “go-to” city, Indinanapolis will never sustain the resident and tourist status it seeks if it continues to ignore the fact that great cities must have a thriving and vibrant arts base. Please INCREASE the available public funding for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Kathi Ridley

Please retain funding for the arts!

The greatest cities throughout civilization have all supported the arts, artists, and art education. Imagine your favorite public art anywhere – disappeared. Art touches everyone’s lives and improves it by allowing us to walk in beauty – or controversy. Keep that spark alive, keep the conversations going, keep this community walking towards greatness by, at a minimum, funding the programs already in place.

Nancy Lee Digman

Comment by Nancy Lee Digman

please don’t cut arts funding! kids have it rough enough!!

Comment by Sarah B Tatnall

The arts are essential to the vitality of a truly “world class” city. The arts are underfunded the way it is…especially public art. Keep Indianapolis vital by maintaining/increasing funding.

Jay Young

Comment by Jay Young

With Indianapolis’s apparent desire to increase its tourism appeal and hospitality industries, moving to eliminate support for our fine cultural and educational attractions makes an unfortunate statement about which destinations our city leadership holds to be of significance. More importantly, revoking arts funding only further deprives our local constituencies of services that citizens of most major cities can rely on as a given. A very bad statement about mayoral priorities is being made by way of this gesture.

Comment by Rebecca Uchill

Art is an expression of our culture! Don’t we want to leave something behind other than places we’ve bombed?

Comment by John Stoddard

Please increase arts funding. Please start funding positive hip hop. It is the voice of an alert generation.

Comment by Casey Bridgeford

Yes, I vote to keep & in fact increase public funding for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Laura Henderson

Yes, please keep art funding alive in Indianapolis! Its so important to keeping the heart of Indianapolis alive and downtown as well. Plus, art is a crucial part of a child’s creative life and is so important in fostering self esteem and a creative mind. Don’t cut the funding, if not for the artists, then for the future of the children of Indianapolis.

Comment by Shivani Seth

So many have said it so well already. We must not cut the financial support of the arts from our city’s budget.

Comment by Michael Pettry

“It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it. “-Anais Nin

Comment by Karen Chapman

Please keep funding for the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Amber Davis

Keep funding the arts! Cultural variety is vital to our city.

Comment by Julia Schenk

Continue funds for the arts! I grew up in Indy, and because of the many opportunities I had throughout school and in the community I became a music teacher. Art is LIFE! Don’t cut funds!!

Comment by Jennifer McQueen Hurst

This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Indianapolis is quickly becoming a cultural and events center in this great country. People are realizing the great potential our state has for things other than racing and growing crops (although those are AWESOME claims to fame!!) and we should support and harbor as much development as possible. Cutting the budget will add a small amount of money and hardly any worth to other areas of interest. We need to do everything we can to keep this $1.5million and hopefully grow it to $3 million

Comment by Patrick Roberts

Keep Indianapolis a booming cultural city by supporting ARTS.

Comment by Kathryn Yost

The arts are a key part of any vibrant community; providing public funding to support them is essential to ensuring that Indiana continues to move forward.

Comment by Katherine Welsh

Please continue to support the arts!!

Comment by Julie J. Schrader

I strongly support continued funding for the arts.

Comment by Jill Reinhart

I grew up in the far east side of Marion county, and it wasn’t until I went to high school closer to Indianapolis that I got a very good look at the city. When you drive through downtown, you notice a of very cool, unique, alive places, but also a lot of run down, under appreciated areas.

This year, I will be a freshmen in college. Not only do I support this because my intended major is fine art, but because I want to see more of the more of the hip, Indy culture come back to Indianapolis. The first step to convincing businesses to invest in Indianapolis is by showing the teams, hotels, stores, clubs, that it is a good place to be, and showing our pride in our city is a good way to invest our culture. The loss of the public arts funding would be a terrible step backward.

Comment by Christin Ferguson

This is a vote and a plea. Keep supporting art.

Comment by christopher newgent

We new the new administration had this potential.
They certianly do not recognize the total value of public arts funding and the impact it has on the continued forward development of the region. For Indianapolis/Marion County to cut tax supported public arts funding shows that they have no concern for how much benefit the arts bring to Indianapolis/MC and the surrounding counties…Hendricks County, where I live. How can our capital city, the city representing all of Indiana, show this lack of support for such influential aspect of our economic and social forward development.

Comment by Lisa Pelo-McNiece

I strongly support continued funding for the arts.

Comment by B. Langan

By eliminating public funding for the arts we would be making a very bold pronouncement – that the arts (read: our culture-what makes us human) are only for an elite group (read: those who can afford it). Those of us posting on this blog know that is not and should not be the case.

“I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few or freedom for a few.” William Morris, 1834-1896

Comment by Shannon Linker

Please do not cut Art Funding. By cutting out the art funding you are cutting out the heart of the city. Downtown would be a ghost town without the arts. Look how much downtown has improved since the Indianapolis Symphony moved into the Circle Theatre.

Comment by Michael Davis

I strongly support the funding for the arts. Growing up in the culture of fine arts, I know that it is a vital part of any metropolitan city… if Indianapolis wants to stay competitive and grow it must keep up with the public funding for the arts!

Comment by M. Yamaguchi

The life of a community is expressed, reflected, examined, debated… improved through the arts. Without the rich cultural life provided by the Indianapolis arts community, I would have no reason to continue living in the city that raised me. And no reason to raise my family here.
PLEASE continue investing in the overall health of Indianapolis by supporting funding for the arts.

Comment by Lynne Perkins Socey

In a world where the lowest expectations are the best we can hope , there is always the arts to remind us that as humans we can achieve so much and enjoy all that is our humanity. We must push what is hopeful and pure and direct away from sameness and waste.
To cut funding to the arts is to preach darkness and despair to our children. All that is good in society comes from within. Only the broadcast of these feeling and emotions will correct the valueless void that is a part of all ours souls.
It is by far the most noble of deeds. It is as essential as clean air and water.
Michael Stricklin – Human

Comment by Michael Stricklin

The arts is an important motivating factor as we try to draw more residentsbusinesses to Indianapolis. Please support the arts.

Comment by Leah Voors

I support continued funding for the arts!

Comment by Valerie Wahlstrom

Public arts may seem like unnecessary fluff in a budget, but a cultured city is one attractive to business and industry, is a safer city with more people engaged in the activities of the city. A city cannot be “world class” without a strong arts community that provides avenues for artists of all ages, socio-economic status, and races — through theatre, dance, galleries, public art, architecture and more. Don’t cut art funding because it seems unimportant in safety and quality of life, because it most certainly is VERY important to all those things.

Comment by J Rhodes

Please keep funding for the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Ryan Davis

We need MORE arts and culture funding, not less!

Comment by Linda Sommer

Keep funding the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Thomas Elliott

Please keep funding for the arts!

Comment by Laura Hundagen

Yes, we must continue to fund the arts. The arts in all forms are a vital and fundamental part of every community. If Indianapolis plan on being and staying a global city, we better find a way to continue to fund the arts. Leadership starts at that top.

Comment by Anthony Ware

Please keep Indianapolis Arts funding!

Comment by Daniel R. Altstadt

Keep and INCREASE arts funding! The arts are vital to a vibrant and healthy community and the education of our youth.

Comment by Amanda Meyer

Please continue to fund the arts.

Comment by Alice Mattingly

Public funding for the arts goes farther towards making Indy a world-class city than any professional sports team ever will.

Comment by Mary Jane Moriarty

The arts have spurred much of the positive things happening in downtown Indianapolis. Keep moving forward with continued funding.

Comment by Alisha Valentine

I strongly support continued funding for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Pamela Joyce

I am strongly opposed to the funding of spoerts stadiums which are used by the wealthy. Lets have more public art we can all enjoy

Comment by Judit Murphy

Hey Mayor Ballard and city county counselors! DO NOT cut funding for the arts!!!! Please! Read David Hoppe’s column in 8-6-08 NUVO. Cut funding for all sports, cut subsudees to companies coming into our city, cut funding to Jimmy Irsay, cut the police budget. But don’t cut the arts. Indianapolis wants to be world class…we need more and more and more funding for the arts!!!
Tim Harmon

Comment by timjharmon

Please keep Indianapolis art funding!

Comment by Kelly Branno

Keep the arts funding! Arts organizations can’t survive without support from our government and without those organizations many after school programs, summer camps and outreach programs with be eliminated. How will we inspire creativity and independent thinking from our youth? How will we provide alternative programs to keep kids of the streets? Save Indianapolis, Save the Arts!

Comment by Julia Arbogast

Please keep Indianapolis art funding….

Comment by Andy Fark

Art is a part of our daily life. Art improves our lives. Indianapolis needs to continue funding.

Comment by Ralph Gerdes

If we want Indianapolis to be regarded as a thriving first-rate city, we must excel culturally. Without a rich arts community, the growth of this city will halt causing an economic and social decline. I’m disappointed that in 2008, people (especially in positions of leadership) are still ignorant to the necessity and importance of public support for the arts…

Comment by Rachel M. Simon

This city would loose a lot of character if it lost any of its arts. The city should be looking at putting more into the arts not less.

Comment by April Dahncke

Please keep the Indianapolis art funds!!!! Without it people like my step sister who are only in elementary school will not have the chances I have had while growing up in tis city. The Art is one of the main reasons I continue to live and go to school in this city.

Comment by Alyse Fred

Please keep Indianapolis culturally alive! Continue & increase arts funding.

Comment by William Rood

The arts are not a minor concern to our city, and they deserve more than the funding they already receive. Considering the other projects the city is willing to spend far more money on, please consider cutting the budget elsewhere.

Comment by Ryan

Public funding for the arts is a sign of a vibrant, creative and growing city. Cutting such funding is short sighted and sends the message that the arts are no longer valued. What a shame if this plan succeeds!

Comment by jennifer todd

Please do not cut arts funding. We need more!

Comment by Jessica Rodgers

Please keep Indianapolis arts funded!!!

Comment by Dave Adair

It is ignorant for any executive bodies to undervalue it’s public art and that of it’s supporters. It is this mentality that keeps us a step behind other thriving metropolis’. Please keep Indianapolis Art Funding and aim to increase it.

Comment by John Albrecht

Public funding for the arts not only gives artists the hope and encouragement to continue to communicate visually, but enhances the importance of thier job to keep the communities social conscience…how else can a community grow and grow stronger? The people that want to eliminate this funding…are the people afraid to look and above all see!

Comment by Cagney King

Public funding for the arts is crucial to sustaining a healthy artistic community and sends a strong message about a city’s commitment to culture and diversity. Please do not eliminate public funding of the arts.

Comment by Rich Cohen

Twice I’ve received a Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Arts Council. Those fellowships were vital to my growth and development as an artist. Public and priviate funding supplied the money. In turn, I’ve become involved in the Indianapolis arts community in a way I hadn’t before!

Why would anyone want to cut arts funding from a public budget? It does not make good economic sense. We should be increasing funding!

If what we want is an exciting, vibrant community that will attract visitors and encourage positive development, we should INCREASE public funding for the arts!

Please: do not cut funding for public art!! Increase it!

Comment by Betty Scarpino

Please keep arts funding!!

Comment by Heather Davis

Much of the revitalization of Mass Ave, and Broadripple is due to the growing arts community. Arts brings people, and people bring money to those areas that need it most. Please keep the arts funding!

Comment by Sarah Tirey

Creative thinking is as fundamental a part of education as reading, writing, and mathematics. Seeing problems from a new and different perspective is critically important for coming up with solutions to the problems that face us in this era. Art is a practice of seeing things in a new and different way. It trains us to see with our eye and our mind. To not introduce children to these notions as a part of general education is a detriment to their development and future as a society. Do not compromise future generations’ creative thinking, please fund art in our schools!!!

Comment by David Seltzer

Please keep funding the Arts in Indy!

Comment by Jason C. Zickler

Please keep arts funding; it is important in many, many ways!

Comment by June Edison

By supporting the arts, Indy is supporting a well-rounded education for its children, tourism, and many positive things for the community. Please keep financially supporting Indy’s arts.

Comment by Ginny Babbitt

Art is life. Please don’t diminish that.

Comment by Stacie Hoch

please support the arts.

Comment by Angi Aldrich

PLEASE keep the arts! I am an art student at Herron IUPUI- what will this do to my school!? Please, just look around you and realize just how beautiful Indianapolis has become because of the arts!

Comment by Kristin Andrews

Maintain funding for the arts!

Comment by Matt Hall

I support the arts in Indy — I hope the city will too!

Comment by Lisa Whitaker

The arts offered in Indianapolis is one of the main reasons I chose to attend school there! Don’t kill it!

Comment by Devon

Indianapolis is becoming a vibrant, first class city largely due to the vision of several great mayors (Lugar and Hudnut, for example). Why give up now? Keep the funding for the arts – the investment pays for itself tenfold!!

Comment by John Duff

Please don’t cut Arts funding. In fact, it needs to increased. Indianapolis already has a reputation for being culturally behind other cities in arts and education. Don’t make our city an object of ridicule throughout the country.

Comment by Stephanie Mineart

Indy Arts funding should be increased!

Comment by Joshua Leonard

I am a student at Herron – Public art is very important to this city! Please continue supporting the arts!

Comment by Brittany

keep funding the ARTS! Keep this city beautiful, alive with culture, passion, and expresssion!

Comment by Casey Mitscher

keep funding the arts! The art culture here was just beginning to grow! we can’t let it stop!

Comment by Dan Mitscher

art really IS important!

Comment by Candice Hartsough McDonald

A great city cannot exist without support of the arts. Leaving the humanizing role of the arts aside, in purely economic terms, a city with a vibrant arts community attracts educated productive people who will boost the city’s tax base. If you build it, they will come ……

Comment by Zora Dunn

You can’t be an elite city by starving the arts community. The result is analogous to “brain-drain”. My Herron-student sister already believes she absolutely MUST move once she graduates!

Comment by Miles Z. Sterrett

Please keep Indy’s funding for the arts!

Comment by Catie

As a theatre student and costume designer, I must say that keeping the funding for the arts is crucial to this city’s culture. If funding is cut, Indianapolis will spiral downward, and it will be nearly impossible to draw educated individuals into the city. Also, inspiring creative children to nurture their talents will become increasingly difficult as they will have no outside influence telling them: “Yes, art is appreciated, and there are outlets for you to express yourself.” And so I say, yes – keep funding for the arts. It’s an action that will not be regretted.

Comment by Whitney Claytor

Yes, support arts funding–a city needs to be more than chain stores, stadiums, and highways!

Comment by Steve Fox

Dear Mayor Ballard,

The arts help to define who we are as Hoosiers and it is the most important cultural legacy we can partake and leave for future generations. All of that without going into how much money cultural organizations generate for this town which is an astronomical number according to recent Arts Council study. So it doesn’t even make economic sense to eliminate the support for what is a money maker in this town.

Think about that Mr. Ballard, next time you visit the symphony or the IMA. You are reversing the incredible progress your predecessor made and the citizens of Indianapolis, both Republicans and Democrats, are speaking out against this nonsensical move. The arts are the common link between us, our contemporaries, and our ancestors. Is that the legacy you want to leave?

I came to Indianapolis from New York City. I found Indy going through a positive reevaluation of what this city is all about. Striving to transform Indianapolis into a cultural destination was part of this grand plan. Pay attention to the numbers and understand that cutting funding for the arts does not make sense. I hope that you reconsider your position and continue to give 1% or more of the budget to the arts.

Artur Silva
Visual Artist

Comment by Artur Silva

The arts are vital to this city’s future.

Comment by Kevin Kastner

yes please keep arts funding in the budget. Thanks

Comment by Keli Almeida

As a city taxpayer, my wish is for the city to continue funding the arts at present, if not increased levels. The important symbolism of the city’s funding needs to continue.

Comment by Eric Stark

The arts do more then improve the quality of iife in the city. The vibrant arts community generates revenues well in excess of what we invest, help attract special events and educated job hunters.

Vote yes for the arts. Vote yes for our quality of life, and the health of our community.

Comment by roundpeg

The arts bring into this city several million dollars per year. In any business you have to spend money to make money. The city’s decision not to invest 1.5 million per year is one of the most blatantly stupid moves I have ever heard of. I vote to continue to financially support arts in Indy.

Comment by Jeffrey L Cowsert, RA

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis. Feed the souls of Indy citizens!

Comment by Maria Meschi

YES, the arts need to be funded. Arts not only make our city more appealing to visitors, but also help children learn in so many ways. If we cut arts funding, what message are we sending to the community? Yes, play sports and we’ll support it; decide to make something beautiful, sorry, it’s not important.

Comment by Emily Benson

I’m astonished that this is even being considered. Tell this is a hoax.

Comment by Dr. Robert A. Archer

Beautiful art means beautiful city, enriched children and a stronger economy. Please keep the 1% for our art programs. It’s worth it!

Comment by Kristen Angarola

YES YES YES. It is integral to the growth of benefit of our children as well as the legacy we as people on this earth leave behind that we have this funding to continue our work in beautifying this world and leaning about each other. A thousand times yes.

Comment by Joanna Winston

The arts are an important part of the city’s culture! Don’t take that support away, have some pride in your city! Please keep funding the arts and make Indy a more beautiful and interesting place to live.

Comment by Lori

Keep arts funding!!

Comment by Anne

One of the major reasons I stayed in Indianapolis after graduation from college was the vibrant arts scene,everything to enjoy, but especially for all the possibilities for employment in not-for-profit arts organizations.
As the Outreach Manager for the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, I have seen up close what this money and funding support. Please do not cut funding for programs and people that really need it.
Continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Erin O'Rourke

Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by James Cramer

The arts are an integral part of the fabric of every community. Please continue to provide funding in support of the arts in Indy.


Arts are an extremely important part of any community and its develpment for all people but especially the young. Please continue supports for all arts.

Comment by David Hinshaw

As a elementary education major, I vote to continue funding for the arts.

Comment by Nicholas

Vote YES for art! The signs entering Indianapolis say “building a world class city” and what other claim to fame will we have if we inhibit our burgeoning art community, our extreme carbon emissions?

Comment by Shane Carte`

PLEASE continue to fund the arts!

Comment by Stephanie Smith


Comment by Asoka Ratnayake

Keeping funding the arts! Arts programs are the soul of the country….

Comment by Terry F. Fox

Please please please keep arts funding!!

Comment by Jennifer Hintz

What is a city without the art? Keep funding the arts!

Comment by Katherine Van Wyk

Fund the arts! Our arts reflect the culture of Indianapolis. We should be putting more money into that funding in order to be more expressive as a successful city. Carmel seems to be doing pretty well for it. We cannot let Carmel win!

Comment by Chad Waples

I support the arts fully, It is the summit of creativity and a sanctuary for many, something many wish to keep!

Comment by Crystalstarrlight

Please keep the arts!

Comment by Meaghan Sermeno

Cutting funding to the arts and other programs which enrich public life is flawed in so many ways. It shifts away resources from the very thing that makes this city warmer in winters, and cooler in summers. We have benefitted greatly since the IMA opened it’s main galleries free of charge. As an artist I understand that art lives with or without funding. It is like a creek that when it swells in the spring overflows and changes the land around it. That is why I’m not afraid of these dams being put up around the arts. It is too strong, in the end, to be denied when the passion is great. And in a city with so many monuments and faceless high rises, it helps to see every once in a while a small art shop, a class of students in a museum, the murals that line parts of the city, both privately and publicly funded. And as far as what this city’s leaders choose to eliminate from our city, it’s a matter of seeing that if all we eventually have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail. And in the end we are all reduced by the lack of shared experience, the meditative experience which all true art inspires. When I think of a student in an impoverished school doodling in a book to dream away the time, it’s like the moment they wake up they’re pushed into third gear and it takes for ever to get up to speed. To put it in Indy terms, arts are the igniton that spark our engines.

Comment by Brian Duff

I am paying a county Inn keeper 9% tax for the sports complex but no tax for the arts. I would like to see the arts in Indy get all the money we can find. Keep this council aware we must be funding our arts programs. I am sending this notice to vote to 100 people.

Comment by gail juerling

The arts are essential for a thriving, creative, growing, compassionate community. The arts spur our imagination, and warm our hearts. They make us softer, and at the same time motivate us! Addtionally, the arts bring others to the city and keep them coming back. Who wants to visit a city with no public art? Think about it! Please don’t cut arts funding.

Comment by Deb Edgecombe

Even if I were not to touched, being a current student of the visual arts on the undergraduate level, I would still vote a thousand times “yes”!

Comment by Allison Brown

i concur with all of the previous statements!
keep the funding of indianapolis arts, PLEASE.
the arts community is one of the only things keeping indianapolis interesting and not completely dull, honestly.
there are SO MANY talented artists in this community … any city that TRULY has a culture has a thriving arts community!

Comment by lauren ashley

Yes, Please keep arts funding intact or increase.

Comment by joan H. Morris

Please keep arts funding intact. I would also vote for increasing arts funding.

Comment by tarrandwoolley

Funding of Arts and related programs is a vital portion of any community. I do understand concerns about budgetary needs, but the ramifications of a short sited solution can have unforseen negative effects. The phrase “penny wise pound foolish” is a perfect desription of the situation you now face. I would hope that elected officials would know that short term thought brings down long term aims, goals, ambitions and future prosperity.

Best Regards

Ryan Fleming

Comment by Ryan Fleming

I am an supporter of the arts, and beneficiary of the transformational effect it has on the urban youth in our city. In a city with one of the poorest urban school districts in the country, the arts provide a creative outlet for energy of the youth. I would be going to Law School from after graduating from a “drop-out factory” if it was not for the arts…

Comment by John A. Waller JR.

As an avid supporter of the arts in Indianapolis since 1986, I am appalled that our city government will not be able to even include the $1.5 million for arts support-arts growth is on a fantastic and wonderful upswing at this time, and pulling support from it will jeopardize this advancement of our city immensely-
please visit other major cities and see how art lives, breathes, and yes, enriches the lives of those residents-
for a city vying for major status in this nation, the arts are an integral component for our image, in a wonderfully vibrant and emerging city of mention-take care not to disintegrate it after we have come so far-thank you,
Roberta Wong
Butler University, Anderson University, IU Bloomington, Jordan Academy of Dance, Creative Renewal Fellow 1999, Indianapolis Woman 2000

Comment by Roberta Wong

Hello. Living without arts is like living with imagination. Can you believe that? Please don’t cut the funding. It makes you think and feel outside ones’ self.
I also vote on more funding!!!!

Comment by Isaias

Arts education is often the key to unlocking the full potential of young people. Time and again, I have seen exposure to the arts help them thrive in other areas of their lives. Please keep the arts funded in the city of Indianapolis.

Comment by Jane Hachiya-Weiner

Investing in the arts brings more money back into the city for every dollar invested than putting money in sports teams. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is the financially prudent thing to do.

Comment by Jan Rubin

Please maintain city funding for the arts.

Comment by Nicole

The arts are an essential part of our city. Arts education makes for better students; having a cultural scene makes a city worth living in. We can’t afford to let our children down and we can’t afford to make Indy less attractive to visitors and prospective citizens. Please don’t cut funding to the arts.

Comment by Max Murphy

Please keep funding the arts. To me as a young person trying to complete my dreams, it is very important to me to have other people believe in the arts and to allow more children be able to persue any dreams they may ahve in the arts as well! Please Please keep our dreams alive and keep funding the arts!

Comment by Danielle Brebbeman

Keep Indy Arts Funding! Sarah C.

Comment by Sarah Charles

Please keep/increase the funding for the arts! A world without art is no better than a world without life!

Comment by Lindsey Edens

Art is just as important as math, science, and history. Music, art, and physical education funding should never be cut!!!!!

Comment by Jennifer Sams

Save Indy Arts. Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis!!

Comment by Judy Hardin

I urge you to support city funding for the arts. I have lived in Indiana all my life and am dismayed that our capital city would not support the arts. As an educator I have seen first hand how the arts can enrich the lives of children. Research also shows that children’s involvement in the arts and music improves their scholastic achievements. When I visit Indianapolis it is usually for an arts related event. I can not imagine why anyone interested in economic development (as well as quality of life) would think to stop funding for the arts. Funding for the arts should be increased not decreased!

Comment by Paula Worley

It is absolutely absurd to discontinue funding the arts just after investing millions in the gorgeous IMCPL.

Comment by Terry Daley

Keep the arts alive in Indianapolis! Art reminds us that there is much more going on in the world than just war and recession! We NEED the arts!

Comment by Tara Burkley

The arts and our parks are integral components of what distinguishes Indianapolis as a truly great city. Please do not eliminate funding in these areas.

Comment by Dana Harrison

Seriously! I wish I could be polite about this but come on… all the crime, all the poverty, all the ugly things that are happening at an alarmingly higher rate lately and you want to take away the one thing promotes thought, intelligence and beauty in humanity. Bad move! Bad move! I think if we used the arts to enrapture our youth they would grow up to be less violent and more productive while understanding the importance of accountability, creative thought and self-reliance. Bad move Mayor Ballard.

Comment by Quincy Owens

Indianapolis has a wonderful tradition of public art. Please don’t discourage our culture!

Comment by Elizabeth L. Adams

Please continue to fund the arts

Comment by Victoria Cahn

Ditto, I would be more creative, but someone cut my funding.

Comment by Katrinka Gmerek

Arts funding is desperately needed—-it’s what spurs artists to innovate, improve themselves, the artistic scene, and entire community because they have the means and symbolic support to do so! Cutting this puts the evolution of a city at a standstill.

Please keep the arts funding!

Comment by Ben Melchiors

I serve with an organization that has demonstrated over and over again the importance of arts programming. Our city is overflowing with musicians, singers, dancers, painters, writers…and without funds, this flow will cease. I sign this petition in the hope to be counted among those who do not want to see arts money in Indianapolis evaporate. I beg our City County Council to reconsider their position and KEEP ARTS ALIVE!!!

Comment by Diane Lewis

To cancel funding for the Arts will only send Indianapolis back to IndiaNOpolis. This city is so much more than sports. If this city spent money to interest the youth to get involved in the arts, to express themselves in a positive environment, maybe we wouldn’t need so much money for crime prevention…Do not go backwards now-We’ve already come so far.

Comment by DJ Worton-Butche

YES. Please keep (INCREASE!!!) arts funding.

Comment by Dani Raicu

Public support for the arts indicate a vision for this city that supports beauty, creativity and hope. Without it what will counteract mean streets, and sense powerless and hopelessness that threaten to overtake this community? Don’t take a leap backward.

Comment by Tish Pyritz

Please support the arts and increase funding! Without it Indy will become a dead end to creative flow…it’s vital!

Comment by Cindy Zoellner

one of the things I love about Indy is their attention, dedication and support for the arts. Keep on supporting!!!

Comment by Rachael

Yes, please save/fund the arts of Indiana.

Comment by Kelsey Kincaid

Please support the wellbeing of a healthy community by continuing to fund Indianapolis art

Comment by Paul Miller

Please maintain the current funding for the arts. The lives of our children have been greatly enhanced thru arts programs, art displays around town. We too are a family that is NOT involved in sports. If we can figure out how to build a stadium for football we can certainly maintain status quo for the arts. I too will send this on to everyone I can.

Comment by Juli Van Wyk

The arts enrich a city, the failure to support the arts impoverishes the life of a city. Please continue the public funding of the arts.

Comment by Margaret Moran

I feel it necessary to the vitality of Indianapolis that the city continue to fund and support the Arts locally.

Comment by Lucie G. Orzeske

The development of the arts community in Indianapolis has helped to save entire areas of the city from urban ills. Please help local artists, galleries, art students and teachers and collaborative groups continue this work by maintaining funding of the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Robin Long-Jordan

Whenever I hear despondent voices crying about the insufficiency of funds for this or that project or charity, I’m reminded of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The point of the story of course was that there were no new clothes; the emperor was stark bare naked but no one wanted to say so because the tailors who pretended to make the clothes from a miraculous cloth said that anyone who couldn’t see the clothes was either stupid or incompetent. Since no one, from the king on down, wanted to be judged so harshly, all pretended that they could see the magnificent cloth and the superb suit of clothes made from the cloth that the emperor was wearing.

In a similar but reverse manner, we in this country do not see abundant national riches that go uselessly into the bank records of our highest paid corporate executives. There they sit, numbers on a page, not feeding any starving children, not saving any dying victims of AIDS or malaria or heart disease or cancer, not invested in lowering carbon dioxide emissions or in research into non-poluting fuels. Last but not
least, we sacrifice music, poetry, painting, dancing etc. in order to maintain the foolishness of paying people money they can’t even use!!

Despite the joker’s definition of “enough” as “a little more than you have”, there are some in our society who have more than enough and then some. If we could agree that a person who is paid $250 an hour is “well paid”, since that comes to More han half a miliion dollars a year, why in the world would we pay more than that by say, doubling or tripling or by paying more than 28 times that amount as we do in paying Angela Braly’s salary of 14.86 million dollars? (Indianapolis Star 6/22/08) Could that extra 14.34 million not be put to better use in schools, hospitals, and even bread lines? But of course, if we acknowledge that we are wasting millions on numbers on paper, we will surely be condemned as stupid or incompetent.
John Carrigan


Please continue the public art funding.

Comment by Megan Bryant

Public art deters non-official public art.

Comment by Tré Reising

Funding for the arts is funding for the voice of Indianapolis. Don’t cut it off.

Comment by Charles Borowicz

May I strongly encourage Mayor Ballard and the City County Council to sustain and indeed increase funding for the Indianapolis Arts Council. No society worth its name in human history has eliminated support for its arts, which raise the sights of all citizens and engage them in their community all the more surely. That 1% of the city budget should be questioned as an appropriate funding is unthinkable.

Comment by James R. Briscoe

Please continue funding for the arts! I am a student heavily involved in the Art (Band, Theatre, Choir) and I know firsthand the funding is NEEDED! Thanks a lot!

Comment by Kyle Barker

The arts are essential to the success and growth of the city. Have we forgotten that the arts have been central to the improvement of our community for years? Indianapolis is getting ready to destroy the dome in order to make way for a bigger and better stadium – that only a few can afford to enjoy. Do we have to continue the destruction of our city in the process? This does not make sense. The arts are for everyone and should not be sacrificed under any circumstances. Citizens of this city should be up in arms right now!

Comment by Carol W.

Public funding for the Arts is necessary for a good quality of city life. Funding must remain in place and if we want Indianapolis life to get better we should increase funding.

Comment by Michael Warner

The Arts make the world go round – and Indy (and central Indiana) needs to encourage the growth of public art in all citizens – especially young people. The greater good of society strongly depends on diversifying public mindset, looking toward the future and giving the youth of central Indiana hope in the fact that they too can contribute something beautiful to the world. Give us the chance for hope!!

Comment by Miss Jess

Please save the Arts Funding. It’s our children who will suffer!

Comment by Delane Wood

The measure of a great society is determined by the depth of its soul. Decades of solid empirical evidence points to the critical value of arts in the academic success of children, as well as the community leadership skills it creates. The arts provide jobs and strengthen a local economy, engage a diverse and fearing community in conversation and shared undersetanding, bring a sense of “life” to a place that draws people in and together. Historically, great leaders looked to the impact of their efforts on the generations to come – they started efforts knowing they’d never live to see the fruits of it. Leaders today more often make decisions out of fear, out of a lack of creativity (finding a way where there seems to be no way), and from a strong pull to do what is expedient, not wise. I implore the elected leadership of our city to find a way where there seems to be none. Set the intention and ask the people to help make it happen. It may seem like the arts culture in our community is growing so well, the city is not needed. In fact, it is that partnership that binds it all together. Do not underestimate the power you have to set the tone and the stage for the list of players to grow. If you think small now, you will plant seeds you never thought you planted. Vote for continued arts funding.

Comment by Anne Hudson

Please keep funding the arts!!!

Comment by Amber Remeeus

The Arts and our parks are so important to our quality of life here in Indianapolis. I’ll gladly pay more in taxes to ensure these vital services remain in our beautiful city.

Comment by Shannon Hill

Please increase arts funding. It’s a small investment with huge returns both financial and quality of life. Now is time to be creative. Cuts are easy; please challenge yourselves. We chose your leadership for your ability to provide solutions. Please do not accept defeat on this.

Comment by David Allee

Arts make Indianapolis great!

Comment by Kate Bunten

Yes, yes. If you want a practical view in addition to the ones the Ballard administration may consider lofty, try this on: Art saves lives. It can save youth who may otherwise turn to crime. It gives those who don’t do well in traditional academics a place to shine. Everyone should have access to the inspiration and benefits of art, not just the rich.

Comment by Terry

While I doubt I can stress the importance of art better than those who have already posted, I would like to point something out to the politicians deciding on these issues:

I would find it very hard to believe that there are no movies, plays, comedians, musical artists, etc. that you find worthwhile and enjoyable. Remember that every artist starts somewhere, and public funding can make a huge difference.

Comment by Patrick Vollmer

For the well-being of ALL citizens of central IN, present and future, local government must show its commitment to the arts with its continuing financial support.

Comment by Anne Duthie McCafferty

PLEASE continue to fund the arts. Better yet, increase it.

Comment by Brenden Hudson

Arts funding should not decrease. It is vital to our way of life. We do not grow, learn, share, and experience the wonders of our world without these fine things. If anything the funding should increase to bring in more revenues to this great city, county, and all the little neighborhoods that flurish and grow from it.

Comment by Daniel J. Marshall

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis. To stop funding the arts will send the wrong message to our children and to the world around us. To stop the arts is to stop vision.

Comment by linda costlow

Since art is the vehicle which reminds us of and strengthens our humanity as well as stimulates us to be more than we were, it is crucial that funding for the arts be increased, not merely maintained.

Comment by Sarah Blandina

YES keep funding for the arts! I am a dancer/performer/advocate for the arts anywhere, but especially in Indianapolis! Cultural districts like Mass Ave, Fountain Square, and Broad Ripple keep our city alive and interesting! Music, Art, Theatre, and Dance have all been scientifically proven to help children in school and make people happier– why aren’t we providing MORE money??

Comment by Kelsey B

Yes! Please keep arts alive. They’re as necessary and vital as the other civic areas we pour money into, if not more so.

Comment by Rian Zeleny

As a full time teaching artist, musician and drum maker in this community, there is no question in my mind that the arts must continue to be funded by the City of Indianapolis. We need more funding in order to provide more programming that is capable of facilitating preventative measures that help curb negative behavior in our community. Study after study has given factual accounts of how the arts boost the health of the body, mind and spirit. Heaven knows we all could use more of that! May the peace, health and prosperity we all seek be found.

Comment by A.J. 'Tony' Artis

I live in Bloomington (an hour away) and am more likely to visit Indianapolis for arts events than for any other reason. When I visit I often spend money on food, shopping, etc. Funding the arts helps to bring more money into the local economy!

Comment by Anne Haines

Yes! Please keep funding in IPS for the arts. All three of my children have participated in specialized programs for the arts and have vastly benefitted. Just this summer, my daughter has started her own not for profit company to provide children in Austin, TX ages 3 to 18 with extracurricular arts experiences. Without her exposure to the programs at BRHS, I doubt she would have been so inspired to start her own company.

Comment by trudy martinez

Funding of the Arts is important to Indianapolis and should be maintained and quite possibly increased. The Arts enriches our city life on a local and national level. It inspires the community and builds upon the new identity Indianapolis has achieved with the Superbowl win and change to the Eastern Time Zone, among other accomplishments and improvements to the city. It makes sense both culturally and economically.

Comment by Elisabeth Lugar

Please save the arts. They are the only reason I came to this city and my tax dollars pay for shiny new stadiums and convention spaces.

Comment by Eric Gomez

The arts are an oulet and an avenue that keep many students and adults on track in their life. Many lessons can come from the arts, just as they come from sports. If there is no funding, many people would never even have the opportunity.

Comment by Shannon Schwier

I realize the city is in financial trouble, but public funding of the arts is part of the solution, not the problem. If Indianapolis has any hope of attracting and maintaining a larger tax base, the arts, specifically public examples, are a key attractor. This is especially true if we are interested in attracting a creative and dynamic workforce from other states. Please do not dull our competitive edge by removing public funds for the things that humanize us.

Comment by Troy

Don’t deny Indianapolis and its citizens the means for creative output it/they are entitled to…retain funding for the arts!!!

Comment by Jamie Hook

Surely, if the city can spend millions on sports, it can also spare some for the arts. At least, the arts haven’t added an extra sales tax!

Comment by Doris Young

Please do not reduce money in the already too small arts budget. There are many of us in the City who believe the arts are as important as sports. Find another place to reduce spending!

Comment by Linda Gilkerson

Some things are worth paying for. Arts are one of them. Public funding is just a small part of the funding picture for the arts. It’s the seed money that shakes loose corporate and private funding. The arts make just as big of a contribution to the tourist economy and quality of life of Indianapolis as professional sports does. A community that can support professional teams should be able to support professional artists.

Comment by Ed Norman

Public funding for the arts underwrites more affordable cultural events than could be catalogued here. Many of us don’t care about sports, and many who do care can’t afford to buy professional sports tickets. But much of the publicly supported art is there for everyone to enjoy at little or no cost. Support for the arts should be increased — a 100% increase would still be a tiny fraction of what the public is forced to invest in sports in the way of sales taxes.

Comment by Tom Abeel

The public art and other art throughout Indianapolis is one of the things that makes me most proud of my city. It would be a shame to eliminate funding. As a member of the Board of Heartland Actors’ Repertory Theatre, I know how important public funding can be to keeping the arts alive in Indy. Please keep funding public art.

Comment by Cindy Lasher

It is so important that the arts get their funding—these cuts will not only affect the bigger arts organizations, but think of all the smaller organizations that may not be able to keep on going without this support. It is crucial that Indianapolis keep moving forward in the arts. So many people that visit this city tell me “I can’t believe how much support Indianapolis gives to the arts—it’s a great thing to see that you don’t get in many other cities.” With these cuts, we are only moving back. Please please please support our Indy arts!!

Comment by Sarah Myer

Save Indy’s Art!

Comment by Dana

Yes, the arts are definitely needed. Sometimes the arts are motivation for education.

Comment by Martha Riley

Please keep the arts funded and a little more money wouldn’t hurt!

Comment by Nathan Frdilin

In the midst of a multicultural city like Indianapolis, it is disappointing to see a council try to throw a knife straight into the heart of the Arts here. We need funding to help it continue to grow. There are so many people who benefit from the arts. I agree with the comment earlier that we shouldn’t be sent back into the 19th century.

Comment by Laneia G. Thomas, MT-BC

I feel that funding should support ALL the varied activities of the population. There are several of us who may never enter the sports arenas that are funded by this city. Yet we pay taxes. Should the activities that interest us not also receive funding? I say keep arts funding in the Indianapolis budget!

Comment by Kevin D. Smith, CPA

The arts are critical to the well being of our society. Keep the city’s art funding!

Comment by Andy Chen

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Kim Easton

I like the arts. I like it when they are funded. Yay!

Comment by Claire Wilcher

Arts are a vital part of life, keep funding them!

Comment by Laurette E. McCarthy

Please continue to fund our art programs!

Comment by Katie Speckman

I moved to Indianapolis a year ago, and part of what has endeared the city to my heart is its committment to local art. Please don’t abandon that committment!

Comment by Katherine Raley

Arts = Society = Your life.

Comment by Nelson Wei Tan

Indianapolis is a city that is continuing to grow. It makes no sense to stop funding something which helps make our city more entertaining, diverse, and appealing.

Comment by Sean Henseleit

It makes no sense to stop funding something which helps make our city more entertaining, diverse, and appealing.

Comment by Sean Henseleit

The last 10 years have seen a great revival of the arts in Indianapolis, largely because of city funding. It has helped fuel the growth we have seen as a city, and it is a major factor in helping the city and surrounding areas attract new companies and jobs. Many organizations could not exist without even small gifts from the arts fund, and that is what is helping Indy become such a great and unique place to live. Please save the arts and keep funding levels where they have been.

Comment by Rob Everetts

Beth Sprunger

Comment by Beth

I grew-up in Indianapolis and am currently working for a prestigious auction house as an art expert in London. I would have never had the opportunity to learn about art had there not been art funding in Indianapolis growing-up. I believe it provides young people with an opportunity to explore an avenue that might otherwise be closed to them. I sincerely hope that the funding for the arts remains in Indianapolis to inspire others.

Comment by Kelly Curtis

Please keep funding for the arts! If you want young, educated professionals to stay in Indy, this is SUCH an important component.

Comment by Sarah Hundagen

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by J. Scott Cole

Yes, please keep funding the arts! The arts bring value to our city in countless ways (i.e., generating revenue, attracting talented professionals to Indy, etc.)

Comment by Christine Freiman

Our support of the arts presents an impression of a city alive to culture ,music and something more than sports.It lifts the city to a different level and brings joy to many who would not have these experiences in their life.Please keep the arts alive in our city and available for all.

Comment by CatherinePalmer

The arts provide so much to a community and its individual members. The city needs to continue to play its part in support of the arts.

Comment by Jeff Hopper

Please keep funding the arts…this is vital to the City of Indianapolis.

Comment by Jeanette Hammel

Please keep funding the arts in Indy!

Comment by Laura Gerber

Please support the arts in Indy!!

Comment by Cassidy

As a Republican, I would hate to see abandonment of public arts in Indy a legacy of this administration. The good character of our city is at stake.

Comment by Rick Bockrath

In addition to the very well-documented fact of the arts contributing enormously to the fiscal foundation of Indianapolis, the arts represent the soul of any vibrant community. Please continue to show that the city recognizes that value…

Comment by Michael Sells

Please continue funding the arts.

Comment by Aaron Rarick

Please continue to support the arts — our youth need it!

Comment by Rebecca Davidson

The arts make life in the city more of a joy. Keep the funding.

Comment by Kent Farr

Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis. Indy is starting to become an exciting city to live in, with lots of art, music, theater, and culture. I fear that if you cut the arts funding, we will start to slip backwards instead of continuing to move forward.

Comment by Samantha Stelting

Arts programming is a vital part of a vibrant city. Public funding for the arts is essential. Please continue to fund the arts organizations and programs of Indianapolis.

Comment by Cassandra Pixey

I support keeping or even increasing arts funding in Indianapolis.

Comment by Doug Spaniol

There is no question that funding for the arts is exceptionally important. A city without arts is a city without distinction. Keep funding for the arts and increase it!

Comment by Diane Kondrat

A vibrant arts program is essential both to the success of the city and also gives valuable exposure to the arts for children. Business funding of the arts is key, but business also look for government as part of the partership. All parties, both government and private entities, need to be stakeholders in these endeavors.

Comment by David Fine

Arts funding is critical to the cultural, educational and spiritual good health of the Indianapolis Community. The value of this is well documented, reflecting a stronger impact on our daily lives than sporting events. Don’t let it die!

Comment by James Nottage

Please continue to support the arts!

Comment by Amy Crook

I have worked at Noble of Indiana for 11 plus years. Noble works with people with developmental disabilities, and we have seen the value art has on these folks. The developmental disabilities – no matter what they may be seem to disappear when they can create and express themselves through the many avenues of art.
Since the Arts Council of Indianapolis is a non-profit, can a compromise be drawn here? Say cut the budget just a little and partner with Indianapolis for bigger fund raisers. Money is tight for everyone but everyone in Indianapolis benefits from what the Arts Council gives back. For every dollar $1 invested by the city, the arts generate at least $5 and more in return to the local economy; supports more than 15,000 full-time jobs. Attendance at Indianapolis arts events totals nearly 7 million visits annually including repeat visitors, educational programs, community programs and tourists looking for cultural opportunities. City funding through the Parks Department-approved by the City County Council- supports free arts programs in neighborhoods for inner-city at-risk children and free ticket admissions for Senior Citizens, and art education programs that some of Noble’s people with developmental disabilities can attend.
Everyone is very concerned with public safety in our neighborhoods; and cutting funds to the Arts Council will take at-risk teens and youth back to the streets where move trouble can come about; take away some people’s form of expression; and keep one’s with lower incomes from enjoying an occasional symphony; or concert, or attending art programs and educational programs.
For the return to our local economy can we consider keeping the Arts Council within the city budget?

Comment by Beth Sills

The arts have a significant impact on the quality of life in any city. Businesses that are considering relocating to Indianapolis or organizations that are looking into holding a conference here will use the state of the arts in Indianapolis as one of their criteria when making a decision.

So, not only would losing public arts funding have a negative impact on the residents of the city, but the loss would also mean less income and I would bet that loss would exceed the current cost of arts funding. That funding is such a tiny portion of the budget and to remove it would reflect so badly on the city and the city’s current administration.

Comment by Naomi Tropp

Save the arts in Indy!!

Comment by Gwyn Zawisza

“The arts must be considered an essential element of education… They are tools for living life reflectively, joyfully and with the ability to shape the future,” says Shirley Trusty Corey of the New Orleans Arts Council, and I agree. The arts already are underfunded. Further cuts would be the unraveling of the many years of positive efforts. Prove that there is a vision for Indianapolis and that it includes the arts, which are so important to quality of life.

Comment by Betsy Jones

Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by Adam Chavers

Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis. It’s part of what makes this city soo great!

Comment by Daniel Mendoza

One of the reasons Indy is such a great city is due to it’s vibrant art scene. While other cities our size have seen a decrease in admission, our’s has seen an increase. Obviously it’s a draw to locals as well as tourists.

Comment by Kristy Guthrie

Please continue funding the arts.

Comment by Karen Holdridge

Please keep the art funding!

Comment by Denise Maxfield

please keep the arts funding!

Comment by Angie Miller

Our amazing art scene makes Indianapolis a city I can be proud of. Do not cut our funding!

Comment by Jenni Gray

Taking away arts support for the city would greatly reduce the atmosphere that makes Indy such an interesting one. If the budget were to go down, it would lower the educational value and soul that everyone wants in this great city.

Comment by Jeremy Gahimer

Indy needs the arts to continue being a great city–please don’t reduce the funding!!

Comment by cathy Lauterhahn

You must keep arts funding in the budget if you expect Indianapolis to grow as city. Businesses and talented workers are attracted to communities that are great places in which to live. A community without arts programs are rarely the best places to live.

Comment by Andrea McNeely

YES to Public Arts Funding! Our city will fall to the wayside of the progressive minded cities if we fail to maintain ALL aspects of a metropolis.

Comment by Ryan Hickey

Agreed. Keep arts funding.

Comment by Shannon McCarrel Hamaker

If Indianapolis hopes to attract major national and international corporations to our fair city, we must consider quality of life factors. I believe “The Arts” is foremost among these. Our city and our state have done so much to eradicate negative perceptions of Indy as a backwards, sleepy town. Eliminating funding for the arts is a step in the wrong direction.

I understand and appreciate the desire to balance the budget and keep property taxes low, but I view certain expenses—the arts, education—as an investment in the future of our city. I would hate to look around in 20 years and see blight, thousands of police, and no record of our collective creativity.

Comment by Jenn Rarick

Please maintain public funding of the arts.

Comment by Kirk Smiley

An investment in our thriving downtown was inspired by the arts community’s commitment to the center of our city 20 years ago. Please don’t yank the rug out from underneath their feet. Reward their foresight by maintaining public funding for the arts. Let’s seek ways other cities have faced these challenges and succeeded.

Comment by Cathy Strauss

Please continue to support the arts through city 1 percent revenue and/or the sales tax which art sales support.

Artists and their collectors not only support the city with sales, but we bring a high spirit of activity to the city of Indianapolis; witness First Fridays sponsored by IDADA when thousands of people enliven downtown to see what creative people are visualizing. Are we going to dry up and let all local art activity go to Carmel’s art galleries?

Art’s 7% sales tax adds to the city coffers. When out-of-towners come, they enjoy our culture and spend more money to see our arts.

Please continue to support the arts – Let our revenue help continue to make Indianapolis a better place to live. The City Council can use the arts to divert young people away from criminal activities. Please put someone on the council who understands how culture lessen crime. See what wonderful activities the Garfield Park’s Arts Center offers to young people at risk.

Please continue to be an Enlightened City through support of the arts. Thank you, Rosanna

Comment by Rosanna Hardin Hall

As an artist and someone who understands the importance of art in this world, i think it would be a bad move to completely do away with art funds. If anything funding for art should be increased!

Comment by Matthew Ellis

Throughout history, the mark of an advanced culture has been support for the arts. The quality of a society can be judged by how it views and values arts and culture. For all the posturing Indianapolis has for culture and the recognition of our diversity, it seems to have no clue how to nurture or build its own. Parades and festivals do NOT satisfy our need to fund and promote creativity and education through arts for all people.

Comment by Travis Little

History has always demonstrated that the progress of civilization is requires society’s support of arts and literature. Keep public funding for the arts at all costs.

Comment by charles i. letbetter

Please keep funding for the arts. They make our city a better and more interesting place.

Comment by Stephanie Koutek

Indy needs to keep funding the arts. PLEASE do not drop these funds. To be a major hitting city, we need the arts in our community.

Comment by Brenda Jalaie

Yes, arts is one thing that keeps a city alive and interesting. You remove arts and you remove talented young professionals from our marketplace, and then you remove jobs when companies cannot get the talent they need in our market. Arts = Growth, plain and simple.

Comment by Crystal Grave

Please keep funding for the arts!! The Arts Council has done great work in the last few years for our city!

Comment by Kelly Hand

PLEASE keep arts funding!!

Comment by Michael Countryman

PLEASE keep funding the arts!

Comment by Kirstie Kleopfer

We must continue arts funding. A vibrant community does not thrive without the arts!

Comment by Tim Jensen

I personally would be willing to pay higher taxes if I knew it was going to support the arts, (or education, public safety, parks and environmental issues, etc). If we can implement an increased sales tax to pay for a stadium, why not the arts?

Comment by Joli Heavin

One percent of our city’s budget for the arts is enough, but also necessary to keep our city competetive with other large US cities. Being from Chicago originally, I’ve seen this city grow so much in the last 26 years. I thought Indy could never ‘replace’ my loyalty to Chicago, but I am proud to say I live here and hope we continue to stay cutting edge in every avenue, including the arts. Doing away with our arts budget is not the answer. Paring back slightly in other areas would make up that difference without hitting one area too badly. Surely, every major budget funding area could take a minimal hit to make up the shortfall in the arts funding. Mr. Ballard, with his business background, can make this work.

Comment by Nancy Wargo

Art is a key componant of culture. Support the arts! Culture and a civil society are not made of just technology. We need the arts – all kinds – to be a fully human. Remove the arts and watch how fast civil society deteriorates.

Comment by Janet Diehl

I make room for arts patronage in my personal budget. The city should do the same–if only for the sake of those who could never afford a concert or play without the help of government-funded programs.

Comment by Michael Toulouse

The Arts are a significant cornerstone of the Indianapolis culture that has been developed over the years. This culture does not evolve by itself but takes many passionate and dedicated people to create through their individual commitment of time and resources. We as a city can not afford discard that which we have already invested in.

Comment by Peter Fischer

A vital arts community not only effects the City of Indianapolis, but increases the quality of life for everyone in the Indianapolis Metro area. Citizens and visitors alike will remember public art much longer than most other expenditures. Please continue the support.

Comment by David M. Finkel

Keep the arts for the needy, art can make them feel productive and creative.

Check the government unneeded spending on the high executives and politicians, and the minor jobs that’s not needed in the government, I trust that’s where they should cut!

Comment by Christine Chong

Keep Arts Funding!

Many of the people I speak to who came to Indy from larger cities are amazed at the “lack” of cultural events and activities. I can only imagine how much harder it will get to recruit employees to Indianapolis when many programs disappear.

Comment by Jim Bartek

Save the art. (I’d rather be voting between our out-of-control sports arena spending and public safety.)

Comment by Natalie Ingle

Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by Pam Allee

YES!!! Please continue the arts funding. It is important to Indianapolis and its community.

Comment by David Voss

Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by Todd Bracik

You can’t attract and keep well-educated professionals without an active arts scene. People want (and need) more than car races and the Colts.

Comment by Chad Martin

As an actor, I find the arts to be an important deterrent from several illicit activities which I could have been involved in as a youth. Arts programs provide a safe and productive outlet for young people. Please don’t take that away from them. We shortchange them too often as it is.

Comment by Ryan Powell

Please keep arts funding. PLEASE!!!!!

Comment by Rodrigo Cardoso

The arts are an extremely important part of our community. We cannot allow our minimal funding to be taken away.

Comment by Keeley Shoup

Ever notice when people show you their vacation photos, there is always some picture of cool street art? That goes on here too. My friends absolutely loved the light up people art and the big bubble head people art that was out a few years ago. It really gave us a big town feel. We need more of that. If you want to cut funding, do it somewhere that matters, somewhere you could cut more than 1%. Maybe the bloated offices in government or the ridiculous pay of some employees. My wife is a teacher and the mentality for paying them is, “If we keep the pay low, only people that want to be teachers will be teachers (or cops)”. Maybe we should follow that in the hiring of our government.
Sounds stupid when you plug in YOUR job doesn’t it…


please keep the funding for the arts!

Comment by s.r.coogan

Please keep funding for the arts! Look instead to duplicated departments within Indianapolis and Marion County governments, for example, for places to cut. Besides measurable revenue, the arts offer benefits to children and adults that don’t appear on the balance sheet but are nonetheless important!

Comment by cdashnaw

YES, PLEASE continue the funding for the arts!

Comment by Jay Gambino Esparza

PLEASE, keep funding,its our livelyhood.

Comment by Amanda Stirn

Public finding for creative endeavors is critical to the health and growth of a community. Budget constraints must be met through innovative means without cutting services and amenities, or we face a decline in the steadily increasing quality of life we have enjoyed in Indianapolis for many years. Public arts funding is essential for development in modern American cities.

Comment by Dr. Scott

Please continue funding Indy Arts.

Comment by Andrea Hastings

Keep funding that arts

Comment by katie weaver

We need our art funds!

Comment by Sara Diggs

the arts create respect and pride for community in a way that nothing else can. increase the funding, don’t cut it.

Comment by wug laku

The arts enrich our lives. They feed our need for creativity. They give us a positive outlet for self-expression. They encourage dialogue. They comfort us, excite us, motivate us, empower us, and bring us together. They communicate experiences to others. The arts and our cities’ artists are a vital element to Indianapolis’ and cutting the already small budget for the arts would do this city, and it’s citizens, a huge disservice!

Comment by April A. Tchiguka

As I think about any major US city, I realize they don’t have an identity without their arts identity…Chicago…LA…NY…Indy. We’d all be FLAT places with sports teams if it weren’t for the depth and diversity that the arts bring. How could you possibly think about taking away funding for this wonderful part of our community…what next? Education? Marketing?

Comment by mediakath

Please keep funding the arts

Comment by Maggie Bowden

Yes – please keep the arts funding in Indianapolis.

Comment by Katherine Wall

We need to continue funding the arts in Indy. Please don’t take that away!

Comment by Stephanie

Please save the arts! We are supposed to encouraging creativity not suppressing it!!!

Comment by Ann Glasscock

Please keep funding for the arts!

Comment by Jim Korn

Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by Tim Earl

Please continue public funding of the arts in Indianapolis!!! Increased funding is necessary for Indianapolis to continue to grow as a world-class city!

Comment by Laurel Judkins

As a full-time artist and part-time musician, who cannot afford to go to expensive sporting events, I depend on arts funding for my livelihood and the parks for my recreation.

Fund the arts and the parks!

Comment by Bill Price

Yes!! Keep funding the arts!!

Comment by Mike Guido

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis. This is an important step in stimulating commerce and encouraging long term economic growth of our city.

Comment by carol morotti

Please keep funding the arts!!

Comment by Lindsey Geller

Please keep funding the arts

Comment by Caron Peper

Please continue to fund the arts! Art helps to define a culture and if we cut it out of our city what is that saying about us?

Comment by Grace Fletcher

Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by Gina Pope-King

Please keep funding the arts

Comment by Michelle Miller

Please continue to fund the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Sarah Jane Mills

Please keep funding the ARTS!

This is not about expenditures for Conte’ crayons and paint brushes, and it’s not about staying ‘in the lines’, this is about allowing kids to create, and express in ways that they may not have a chance to otherwise, and in that process learn the greatest lesson of all…. their own self worth.

“It is through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence” -Oscar Wilde

Comment by jay slifer

The arts play a huge role in the health and growth of Indy. Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by Rosie O'Hara

I vote YES – continue funding for arts!

Comment by Amy Ahlersmeyer

Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by Linda Brundage

Yes, please keep funding the arts. All of the art-related non-profit agencies truly need the financial support of the city to survive. The growing Indianapolis art scene has really enriched the culture of our city.

Comment by Jason Hathaway

Please keep arts funded! The arts keep all people young and old creative, thinking and contented. Joseph D. Blakley

Comment by Joseph D. Blakley

Yes. Why is it that the arts are always the first to go. It appears to be the same in our public and private schools as well. The arts are rich in history and give kids and adults a form of entertainment outside of tv, computers, ipods, etc. Think of what could have been done with just a 1% of what is spent on our professional sports teams as well as our high school athletic programs. SUPPORT THE ARTS!

Comment by Lori

Please continue funding for the arts!

Comment by Lisa Wall

Our city is on the right track, lets keep it going. Please continue to fund the arts!

Comment by Michael Clark

It’s so important for this city to not only have funding for the arts, but to increase funding for the arts.

Comment by Brian Brake

All that and then some. Okay let’s look at what’s not working. I see that your statment suggest that if we Increase public safety by increasing the pay of police adn fire fighters… have you ever considered endorsing the arts with more funding to see what difference it will make. There are plenty of us out there young and old who thrives on creativity. This is our nature and I feel sadden to know that the state will endorse a negative reward than a positive one. Promote positivity results are positive. Stating that we are in crisis and no way out then to put people in jail the out come more people in jail. Please feel free to come visit Genesis Art Instruciton and you will see for yourself the power of art.

Comment by Tami Thompson

Please continue funding for the arts, our city needs some culture!

Comment by Charlotte Lutin

I work for the Indianapolis Civic Theatre and every year we reach thousands of people with our outreach and educational programs. We are all so passionate about the arts and sharing our passion with others is why we come to work everyday.

Comment by Emily Mediwala

If the city cuts the arts funding then I will have to give serious thought to moving to a city that is supportive of the arts. It is such a small portion of the budget. Surely there is waste happening elsewhere in the system that should be dealt with harshly. Dig deeper Mayor Ballard and all you councilors! Show some balls and find those who truly waste the city’s resources and cut them off for once!

Comment by Ray Mills

Please continue funding for the arts. It’s so important to our city!

Comment by Megan O'Brien

In the grand scheme of things, the arts don’t cost the city much. Please don’t take away the funding for the things that make life hear so livable!

Comment by liz joss

Arts and Culture in Indianapolis is paramount – please do not reduce funding! Thank you.

Comment by April Hensley

Please continue funding the Indy Arts!

Comment by Chris Asbery

Please continue funding for the arts.

Comment by Tiffany Garcia

Exposure to art enriches everyone’s lives. Cultural context defines us.

We are getting an expansion to the city airport because we anticipate hosting the super bowl.
We are building a new convention center and home for the colts because we need to attract conventions that have outgrown the RCA dome as the years have gone by. I see that Indianapolis has HOPES for something bigger.

Those hopes would be nothing with the creativity of engineers and architects and landscapers to make things better for the Indianapolis skyline.

Access to the arts by everyone in Indianapolis would enrich our culture… no one wants to go to another big city that resembles a concrete strip mall with company endorsements. Citizens needs a taste of the local scene and tourists want to remember how Indianapolis is different from other major cities.

Over the long term a city flourishes more if the arts are available for all to connect with. People do not want a cookie cutter experience… they want something different and neglecting the arts will not give them that. Not just that but it’s the young people who need to remain inspired and need to remember that there are some things worth saving and cultivating. We need to set the standard for how high we value art in Indianapolis. Keep the funding for the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Monica Connerly

Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Stacy Coale

I vote YES for Art funding!! I truly believe that finding the money is a matter of priorities!! I am all for decreasing the budget for sport related things.

Comment by marcia shumaker

PLEASE keep public funding for the arts!

Comment by Lisa Rittenhouse

I say NO to cutting funding for the arts in Indianapolis!!
Have you not noticed that there is a huge population of artists in this community? Have you not participated in any arts related activity in Indianapolis, and seen the huge turn out they get? The people of Indianapolis will not accept any cuts to the ARTS Programs.

Comment by James Kelly

Keep public funding!

Comment by Jarod Wilkerson

Keep public funding for the arts!

Comment by Susan Hodgin

ALL healthy and vibrant cities need public funding for the Arts.

Comment by Jessica

Please add my signature to support continued funding for the arts.

Comment by Curt Chuvalas

Arts in Indy are a large part of what makes this a great city. Please add my name in support of continued funding for the arts.

Comment by David Drashil

Save this vital resource!

Comment by wayne bertsch

all forms of art, whether they be music, painting, filmmaking, etc. have the capacity to transform our daily thoughts and actions. they force us to think, to relax, to envision the world in a different way. art is the soul of civilization and without it we are not much more than robots with hair.

Comment by Michael R. Sanchez

The Arts are such a vital part of a well-rounded education. There is not a single other subject in our schools, that does not relate to the arts. How wrong some people are to think that by limiting a students access to a diverse curriculum they are gaining a better education.

Comment by Sarah Knight

Increase Arts Funding!

Wow, I encourage everyone to please read the IBJ article from August 4th, from which I quote:

“But the budget strains don’t stem solely from bloat. Marion County’s property tax reassessment, for instance, has led to months of delays in tax collections. As a result, local government has had to borrow to keep cash flowing. Reynolds put the extra interest cost of such maneuvers at $30 million annually.”

I wholeheartedly agree that we need to achieve a balanced budget, but when the inadequacies of our local government cause such undue strain as mentioned above, the solution should not be to rob the people of Indianapolis of the pittance of funding dedicated toward our arts, culture and public parks. Run Unigov like a business, and continue to invest in the growth of this city by funding arts and culture.

This sad circumstance reminds me that we should all make an extra effort to thank the true patrons of our community who support arts and culture such as Lilly Endowment, The Clowes Fund, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, CICF, and the countless others that this blogpost does not have space for.

Comment by Craig McCormick

INCREASE funding for the arts, parks, and education! Higher quality of life will lead to higher property values, which leads to higher tax revenues.

Comment by Christopher Parker

As an Artist, I feel the arts do wonders for the community.
Please keep the funding!!!!!! It would a Horrible loss

Comment by Micah Kirby

Yes – please keep the arts funding in Indianapolis.

Comment by Clyde Harris

Yes, keep funding the arts.

Comment by Melissa Pederson

Please don’t eliminate funding for the arts.

Comment by Angela Hauck

I support the arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Sara Silver-Lee

Please keep funding the arts.

Comment by M.J. Meneley

Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by Kelly Rushing

Keep the arts! It is what makes Indy a great place to live!

Comment by Lorrie A. Brown

Please keep funding the arts!

Comment by Anisha Kumar

I support continued public funding of the arts in Indianapolis. All major metropolitan areas realize the importance of a vibrant artistic community. Indianapolis deserves it. Or maybe we should all move to Carmel’s Arts and Design district. They seem to get it.

Comment by Chris Lieber

art requires money.

Comment by Alicia Obermeyer

Please keep funding for the Arts in Indianapolis!

Comment by Jennifer Danic

I support public funding of the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Stefany Cooper

Please keep the arts alive in our communities! For so many underserved youth who already don’t have access to the arts through their schools places like the Indianapolis Civic Theatre are the only place they will experience the intellectual stimulation that the arts provide. Reduce redundancies in services and identify ways to streamline processes to save money—don’t go for soft targets like the arts! Yes, I know city county council folks get a salary of $13K—but are there other perks that aren’t reflected in that #–free tickets to events for example that could instead be donated to local schools or charities to at least symbolically show yes, we’re trying to make a difference. What about travel expenses, supplies, etc. when is the last time someone evaluated those areas of city budget to ensure the most bang for the buck. I have worked with several non-profits, including one in the arts and I know they have the lean budgets. We recycle paper, we get used equipment—all to keep mission top on the list. What efforts is the city or the council making along those lines?

Comment by L.E. Frank

Funding from the public sector must continue.

Comment by Brian Petersen

Please keep funding the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Derryl Craddock

Why is it that the arts are always the first to go? Possibly crime would not be such an issue if more cultural opportunities were available for our youth.

Comment by Cindy Utley

The arts are absolutely critical to the health of this community.

Comment by Ruth Roberts

Funding the arts in Indy is vital to continuing the city’s cultural and economic development. I fully support funding for the arts, and view a reduction in funding to be a serious error; this is reflected in my voting record!

Comment by Mahri Irvine

The arts have played a major role in reinventing Indianapolis since the 1980s. Taking money away from the arts is a short-sighted non-solution to this city’s issues.

Comment by Amy McKune

Please keep funding!!!

Comment by Kelly Price

The arts are good for the soul, for the betterment of the community and for the city’s economic development. An increase in arts funding would be much more beneficial and appropriate.

Comment by Robert Hesse

Art is the cornerstone of culture. Taking away funding for the arts denies Indianapolis its cultural expression. It will also take away important activities and events and leave the youth of the city even more wanting for entertainment than they already are. It is important to remember that the arts provide an opportunity to gain revenue, not just spend it. Some of the most successful and lucrative industries in this country center around the arts-the music and film industries provide excellent examples.

I strongly support the funding of the arts in Indianapolis.

Comment by Courtney Kuhstoss

Please keep arts funding in Indianapolis!!

Comment by Elizabeth Spalt

Please keep city funding for Indy arts. The funding programs, as they stand, support both large and small arts organizations and free-lance artists. City funding is a way for the government to honor the integrity of the work of local artists, making the city a rich and vibrant place to live and visit. Two small grants from the Indianapolis Arts Council funded projects that helped me to gain acceptance into a prestigious London school for theatre arts. I am devastated to hear about potential cuts to the arts because I’ve considered moving back to Indy after completing my Masters degree. I want to return to a city whose government values what artists offer to society.

Comment by PJ Maske

Yes, keep art funding!

Comment by Jennifer Meuninck

“To affect the quality of the day, THAT is the highest of arts.” ~ Thoreau
I have four children who thrive on the art that Indianapolis provides; serendipitous outings to the IMA, clever installations that spark conversations on our walks downtown and classes and involvement that encourage the artist in all of us. This wonderful city would be a sad place to raise my children if the arts were curtailed or reduced to a bare minimum.

Mayor Ballard, please don’t allow the predictions about your policies to come true; prove ‘them’ wrong. Strive to preserve art and culture in our city.

Comment by Lisa Whitman

Keep the funding.
It makes sense for a conservative base to attempt to squelch any funding that may stimulate creativity and subversive thought. Art is a powerful and any success in limiting the outlets and arenas will lead to a defeated spirit. Which in turn leads to a more compliant and desperate society.

Comment by Josh Johnson

They should increase funding for the arts! What is the use of a city, save a nation, without art? By decreasing funding your decreasing a future. Possibly a future of a child in this city and there love for art.

A Herron Student of fierce conviction.

Comment by Jaime

I implore you to support and increase funding for the arts in Indianapolis, Mayor Ballard and especially in our public parks and venues. Apparently you believe OUR parks are fine for anti-terror wargames by the Marines, but question the need for arts funding and live, city supported music concerts in OUR parks, which our tax dollars fund!! Your priorities are backwards, Mayor Ballard. I miss Bart!

Comment by gregory a. ziesemer

Please keep funding the arts! Don’t make everything that people say about conservative Indianapolis come true!

Comment by Ellen Leonard

As I noted on another post – the arts generate noticeable income, making them both a sound fiscal investment and an essential investment for the health and development of a community. (See for some data)

Although I no longer live in Indiana, I have spent 26 years of my life there. I moved away after high school, but returned largely because of the arts scene.

Comment by Heather May

Yes, keep & increase arts funding! Indianapolis is know as a bad city for music and the arts this won’t take us in the right direction any time soon…

Cliff Snyder
Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe

Comment by Cliff Snyder

Please keep current arts funding at the current, even better, consider increasing.

I personally know several folks from surrounding areas (Carmel, Greenwood, Greenfield, Muncie) who travel to Indy on a regular basis to enjoy all we have to offer in the way of the arts. Each trip here, they purchase meals and other goods to support our local economy. If the opportunities to enjoy the arts decrease here, so does our economy.

Please do NOT cut arts funding!

Comment by Rick Garrett

Please keep funding the arts. This is a most important way to bring the arts to Indy.

Comment by Michael Slosarz

How ironic that I read about this just as I’m headed out the door to enjoy the music of Rob Dixon at Holliday Park! In this stressful world of ours, what a quality of life benefit the art programs in our parks are. Please, keep our arts!

Comment by Cyndi Wagner

I like art

Comment by Treyman Wallace

I understand that tough economic times make for hard economic choices, but I would implore the powers that be to reconsider such a massive cut in financing. I feel that in a few ways (one in particular that’s very close to me), Indianapolis is at a tipping point culturally, and to just walk away now from the progress we have made and are making would be, in my opinion, partially negating that progress, by painting it as an expendable “fair-weather” feature of life in Indy. It really shouldn’t be.

Comment by Laura Edwards

The Indianapolis Arts scene needs continued support. As a Masters student at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London (originally from Bloomington), I have found the resources available in Indianapolis to be truly amazing. The current IMA display combining “The Americans” by Robert Frank and Jack Keroac’s “On the Road” is one of the best Hanging’s of Frank’s work I have ever seen. The grassroots base is already in place, but more funding will allow the art centers to advertise their great resources and to attract more scholarship and future revenues.

Comment by Stephen Todd

We were finally getting to the place where arts and culture were starting to get the respect, attention and at least some of the money they deserve in this city, and now I hear the mayor wants to cut public funding. Please tell me it’s not so. Any city worth its salt has great arts, music, dance, etc. and if we aspire to be such a place, we need to keep funding these things. It can’t all be about sports, which we seem to have no problem pouring vast amounts of money into, whether everyone wants to or not. The programs that are available to all people, whatever their financial status, are especially important so that everyone has an opportunity to be exposed to and moved by the wonders the arts offer. Mayor Peterson understood this and was instrumental in moving things along as far as they have come. Tell Mayor Ballard to concentrate on stopping the almost daily violent deaths we’ve been having recently and leave the arts alone.

Comment by L. Cohen


Comment by Cindy Neal

How will we attract the best and the brightest without arts funding in Indianapolis? Since I moved here in 1995, I have seen the city grow – a lot of it has to do with the various arts projects around the city. To take this away would be a shame. I don’t spend a dime on sports, but I do support the arts. Please do not make a mistake.

Comment by Annette Gross

Keep funding the arts in Indy!

Comment by Sara Justus

I am a firm believer that not all children learn in the same capacity. The arts are not only a healthy emotional release for children (and adults!), I also believe it engages children’s minds and can have a huge impact with learning certain school subjects. Indianapolis will not be recognized as a cultural icon if it does not embrace culture. And culture can not be embraced if our children are not exposed to it.

Comment by renae mitscher

We are what we create. We create nothing we are nothing. The arts are not only what allow us to opportunity to connect to who we are as a people, but to reach out to others. And I thought Indy was becoming a class act! Perhaps we are headed back to the days we use to be called India-no-place!

Comment by Doreen Fatula

Please keep pulic arts funding.

Comment by Jessica Teipen

Please keep arts funding

Comment by Andy Teipen

Mayor B, It would be a sad mistake to cut funding for the Arts in Indianapolis. One of the things that characterizes a Great City is its support and encouragement of the Arts. I have been proud of our city and the way it has promoted the Arts in the parks. Visitors to Indianapolis are always complimentary about our enlightened attitude about this and we are envied because of it. Don’t throw away all that has been built after all the hard work that has been expended to get us to where we are now. Cutting funding for the Arts would be short-sighted and costly to the community because businesses decide on where to locate based in part on the opportunities their employees will have to experience and participate in the Arts. To cut funds for Arts in the parks is to cut the throat of the community.


Comment by John F. Moe, MD, MPH

Arts funding is a must – we need less athletics & more arts – if you get a pool & a stadium & a field – We should also have the ARTS!

Comment by Deby Crislip

Please continue funding for the arts in Indianapolis.
From basic aesthetics, to quality of life issues, to preventing the “brain drain” as our talented young people leave for communities with more vibrant and attractive arts communities, I count this expenditure as a justified and absolutely essential use of my hard earned tax dollars.

Comment by Cary Allen Fields

Arts are essential to quality of life. Please do not cut funding!

Comment by Marian Willeke

Art, music, and parks programs are essential – please don’t cut funding!

Comment by Jean Vance

Study after study has shown that when the arts fourish in an urban environment it improves and sustains our quality of life. The arts are for more than enjoyment, the arts expand both creativite and logical abilities of our young as they participate in the arts: visual arts, musical arts, theatrical arts, and more. We look to our Mayor to stand up for what’s necessary for a flourishing, vibrant city that attracts and holds great citizens.

Comment by Michael Watson

Yes – please do not forget about the Arts. Nurturing the arts is an important way a city maintains some its own uniqueness, plus it just feels good!

Comment by David Gordon

The Arts are always the first to go when budgets get tight. While occasionally inconvenient, it’s always important that we take pains to preserve what cultural resources we do have in Indianapolis. I don’t think anyone wants to see sacrifices in public safety, nor do we want to reduce the salaries of policemen and firefighters — posing these two as an either/or proposition is a false dilemma. There are other places to reallocate funds; let’s look harder and find them.

Comment by Colin Dullaghan

Wow…a government official who comes up with a dumb idea??? Wake up!! Please continue to support our parks and art!!

Comment by scott rudicel

As a teacher in the public schools, I know how important the arts are to both our children and our community. Please continue to fund our arts. It is essential to create discussions, honor individuality, and promote diversity.

Comment by Karen Gouge

Everyone at Kristian Andersen + Associates, throws our full support behind continuing to support the arts and we encourage our elected officials to do more than just pay lip service to the role that art plays in fostering culture, community, and commerce.

Comment by Kristian Andersen

I know that times are tough and funds are tight, but I believe arts funding has been an unappreciated contributor to Indianapolis’ success. Please, let’s not stop now.

Comment by Evan Finch

This is important. For goodness sakes, the thing that makes us human are the arts! Please don’t cut funding for something so very important to civilization.

Comment by Carol B. Tomlinson

Our city doesn’t have the best climate or geographical advantages, but Indianapolis thrives because of its community. Why on Earth would we want to take away from the very things that bring us together?

Public Arts Funding is incredibly important in terms much more than just dollars. To treat it as a simple line item does it a great disservice and shows that our leaders truly don’t understand the people they serve.

Comment by Rob Elliott

Please don’t cut funding for the arts!

Comment by LuAnn

It’s incredible to me that our mayor would even consider trimming the arts budget. He seems to be gun-ho on creating a Chinatown here though. Whatever for? We have wonderful programs with concerts and movies in the park and we should never stop them; in fact, we should increase the opportunities for the public to gather for the arts! It’s not only entertaining, it’s enriching and educational for all ages! If you want to cut something, how about a few deputy mayors and their secretaries, chaplains who don’t do anything, and all the other extraneous political “employees” we don’t need.

Comment by Carol Ackerman

Governor Daniels, Mayor Ballard and all elected City Council members, WAKE UP! Please continue to fund (increase funding) the Arts! The Arts are not expendable, removing what little funding that there is, is unsound fiscal policy! This proposal so very deeply offends me and should be a matter of moral outrage! Completely cutting the minute 1% of the entire under-funded, public investment is not the quick-fix remedy to existing crucial budget problems for the city of Indianapolis. I am not originally from Indianapolis, but having lived here for decades, I have watched this city grow from being a one and a half horse, socially/culturally disadvantaged small town into a blossoming state of being that people from diverse places are drawn to. I am proud as all get out to say that I live in Indianapolis and would dearly hate to have to detract that passion.

Art has almost been completely weaned from the classroom and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for artists in all areas to fund their work/projects. Indianapolis arts education funding lies on the bottom of the national scale, art teachers/Instructors are buying their own arts supplies and volunteering time in order to keep the arts within the reach of young minds. We must all acknowledge that the arts are an integral central part of the human experience, it teaches creative concept, discipline, skill, focus, problem solving, cooperation… I could go on and on, with a nearly endless litany of educational and cognitive benefits.

Can any of you coherently explain to us all, why it is that artists are always the first target, after phasing us out as a concentric unit, what’s next? Have you not comprehended the independent study sponsored by the Arts Council of Indianapolis, statistically stating that the arts lead business and economic growth in Indiana, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity. This is quantitative evidence, proof that you can take to the bank. The myriad of arts disciplines/genres are a reflection of our communities and definitely should not be under valued, disregarded or much less annihilated.

To be the competitive city worthy of national/world recognition that Indianapolis aspires to be and to attract talent, cultural assets and big business from around the globe, it must be in a position to offer a superior quality of life to its constituents. The arts culture is consistently utilized to promote Indianapolis as a first-rate, high quality place to relocate, visit, hold conventions/conferences, for business startups and as a world class city it requires world class culture and amenities, not just seasonal sports! The state of Indiana has made monumental strides in recent years including the infrastructure, economic development as well as culturally, and a quantitative portion of that success is due to the presence of the local arts industry. With Indianapolis’s progressive initiative to increase cultural offerings, tourism and hospitality industries, decision to totally eliminate support for educational and cultural venues as well as support to the creatives of this city makes an unequivocal, devastating and most unfortunate statement that the arts culture in Indiana just doesn’t matter!

Yes, public safety is of great concern in all of our neighborhoods as well as the world, but cutting what little percentage that arts funding receives will offer at-risk youth as well as others the incentive to find motivation elsewhere. Culture helps proportionately to alleviate crime, take away jobs in the arts industry as well as our outlets of expression and what will Indianapolis have then? Taking away the funding for youth programs will present even greater possibility of trouble in the streets, create loss of income, more jobless on the welfare dole and even less of a motivation/inspiration to progress. This scenario has the potential to snowball, if this occurs what do we have to look forward to in the near future? Even more vacant, dilapidated housing, banks of recently built, unoccupied and vandalized housing developments, a cultural and spiritually deprived community and a greatly reduced population due to cultural flight? Eliminating arts funding is ten steps backwards, there are other paths with which to conquer these challenges.

Who is to blame for this? Many! The short sighted and money hungry, individuals who don’t care to understand the value of arts and the effect that it has upon humanity, those in position to help but who aren’t committed or who don’t give a damn about a comprehensive enlightenment and education in America. In my opinion it will utterly ruin Indianapolis if the arts funding is cut to zero over the course of the next three years.

Think Back… to the early 80’s -90’s, the community knew very little about artists and their work, had little if any interaction with them at all. Remember how downtown streets were a cruising arena for “people” of the night and their patrons, or just how decrepit the Mass Ave. area actually was? We have since moved on, do you really want a replay of yesteryear? Fountain Square has begun to bloom into a recognized arts destination as well as many other areas of the inner city with arts venues, galleries, First Friday Art walks, artists studios, arts activities, etc. Much of the revitalization of the arts districts such as Massachusetts Ave. or areas like the Harrison Center of the Arts is due to the developing and expanding arts community, outlying areas have grown equally as well.

Two logical and much more effective tactics that could be utilized by legislators would be to cut excessive governmental subsides and tax abatements to big business, companies coming into our city. Analytically better would be for Indianapolis and state policy makers to endorse a 1-2% arts funding of what is now happily relinquished to our sports entities through the same government subsidies and tax abatements that I referred to previously, we would undoubtedly have some of the greatest cultural assets “including working artists” in the free world! And/OR sell off the vast amount of vacant housing to individual buyers, much as the city did in the 80’s? That would be a much more feasible, productive, logical and fiscally satisfying means to acquire needed revenue. We have come so very, very far, and have seen the impact of significant progress within the last decade or so, why stop now? What we have is a concise display of disregard for the numbers of individuals, business, volunteers, partners organizational and otherwise, all and any… no matter in how small of a manner, who helped Indy begin to mature into what is has become. Indianapolis Arts Community this has to be one of the most important issues of this new administration.

Comment by D. DelReverda-Jennings / Interdisciplinary Artist:

Reading thru more than 830 comments (and counting!) provided me with a collection of stories from people who have built the arts community we enjoy today in Indianapolis. So many people who live here today know nothing about what it was like not so long ago.

I moved here over 20 years ago — a time when Ruschman Gallery was the only commercial gallery along Mass Avenue. There was no Cultural Trail, no First Friday gallery walk, no Stutz Tour, no IDADA, no iMOCA, no Murphy Art Center and so on. At that time it was easy to say that Indianapolis was deserving of its title as India-No-Place.

Fortunately, people have worked hard to change the culture of this city. In 1988 I would never have been forced to make the difficult choice of which arts event to attend on a Friday evening — sadly, because there were no events. With the generous (and seemingly limitless) financial support of people like Gene and Marilyn Glick, Ann Stack, Turner Woodard and countless others we now have a vibrant arts community.

The benefits of the culture that has been created is much greater than weekly gallery openings, concerts and beautiful public art. Without renegade artists and their patrons we might still have entire quadrants of Indianapolis populated with dangerous, boarded up buildings instead of bustling neighborhoods such as Mass Avenue, St. Joseph Place and Fountain Square. This sort of transformation has allowed the City to generate millions of dollars in property tax revenue. Without the future boost of funding from the City it’s possible that the success and growth of arts-related businesses in fledgling neighborhoods like these could stop – or even reverse course. That’s a time when we’ll certainly need increased public safety budgets.

The most influence you will have on this matter is with your City-County Councillor. That person needs to understand the implications of Mayor Ballard’s plan and how it impacts the organizations and citizens who benefit from public arts funding. We must remind them that it was private dollars that were invested to develop many of these cultural “jewels” – and it is the same private dollars that may or may not fund their reelection.

Use the following link to find the name and contact information for your City-County Councillor:

Comment by JohnESuter

Cutting funds in the arts will not solve current problems but create new ones. Politicians facing budget problems may see it as a quick corner-cutting way to meet current monetary limits, but the damage done to the community in the long run is incalculable. When will they realize this overused shortcut has serious consequences? The truth is the arts are not optional, so cutting an already minimal budget is not either.

Comment by Lisa J. Li

Councilwoman Nytes brings up tough choices. Maybe my knowledge of city government and financing is lacking, but what about getting the Colts machinery, largely funded by us to a tune of many times 1.5 mil, to kick it back? What percentage of the additional 1% restaurant sales tax we now pay would be needed to hit the 1.5 mil? The money IS there. It is NOT a choice between police officers and the Arts. And, echoing one of the other commentators, cutting the arts will add to the work of the police.

Comment by Greg Malone

Art is the window to the soul and we must fund the Arts to reach, teach, encourage, enlighten, and engage our youth. Historically, when the Arts have been included in budget cuts, we all suffer.

Comment by Norma Dunton

please and thank you …do not cut funding for the arts

Comment by linda cadore

Art attract talent, talent creates business, business create wealth, wealth creates tax revenue. Everyone knows this now, it’s well documented. Do not think we can stop the brain drain while decreasing funding for the arts. It just won’t happen, we won’t be able to compete with other cities.

Please support the arts, do not cut funding. That would be a bad investment. I would rather have more crime than less art.

Comment by Jeb Banner

The arts are so very important to this community. They should be discussing increasing the funding, not removing it!

Please save the art!

-Jack Shepler

Comment by Jack Shepler

Cutting the funding for the arts is unacceptable. We already underfund the arts in Indy.
Why can’t we cut the fat elsewhere?
I have an idea… Stop allowing our Police personal use of our patrol cars. If they use our cars for personal use, they should reimburse the city. I believe that the reimbursement rate is .58/mile. The savings could go to the arts. Who knows, we may even be able to increase the arts funding with the savings.

Comment by Jen

Don’t take this away!!

Comment by Amanda Hardin

I make my living as an artist… so, you have my vote!

Comment by bobbi+

I’d die if it wasn’t for the arts. And Wouldn’t have any entertainment.

Comment by b Jackson

Please keep the arts funded, and if possible, increase the funding to the parks and art events.

Comment by Pastor Timothy Walker

Please don’t decrease spending on the arts.
The arts are important everywhere but nowhere more so than here.

Comment by Seth Jenkins

An increasing problem in society, now, is that with technology we don’t interact enough–take a look at studies. So, if we become increasingly less social beings, how can we “be” a community?

Funding for the arts gives people from all socioeconomic levels a chance to come together–and a reason. It exposes people to more outside of their paradigms and increases awareness for better understanding of each other and even the world–an asset, itself, since we’re becoming increasingly multicultural. Please reconsider. Increase, rather than decrease funding.

Comment by Karen Thurber

Please continue public funding for the arts.

Comment by Roberta Lovenheim

Mayor Ballard: Investment in the arts pays off in terms of tourism dollars, student achievement, business development and quality of life. Please keep our city’s modest investment in the arts. It demonstrates that Indianapolis is a city on the move.

Comment by Dan Henkel

Keep the funding for the Arts and our parks! the things that make a city great are not the multi million dollar sports teams and stadiums. Arts play a big part in the quality of life in any major city. Cutting funding for these programs and the green spaces that are our park system shows that we are an unenlightened group of hicks who don’t understand what make humans tick.

Comment by Steve Ruemmele

Continue to build up the Arts in Indy and people will come. It will increase our tourism industry; business prospects and help decrease brain drain. We are teetering on the edge of being a great city, don’t let Indiananpolis tip into a downward spiral. Art is part of smart! Be Smart, Support Art!

Comment by Jeanine Fox

PLEASE keep or increase arts funding. How else will we change the perception that there’s only corn and sports in Indiana? We have world-class musicians here, and they deserve the support and spotlight of their community. Also, for all those children in Indiana who don’t aspire to be pro athletes, having a vibrant arts community helps give them new directions to dream, be it painting/visual arts, vocal or instrumental music, and drama. They’re called the humanities for a reason: they’re the things that help define our humanity. Most random gunmen, for example, tend not to be very arts-oriented. By helping create a climate that is more aware of art and music, you will create a more peaceful community and see a reduction in violence on our streets, as well as attracting more folks here. To compete with world-class cities, we need to BE a world-class city, and that means supporting the arts.

Comment by Jennifer Midkiff

All major destinations…New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, even Memphis, understand, support, and encourage the promotion of the arts. We should aspire to be at that level. We’ve come a long way, so let’s not return to the mind-set of just being a race track in the middle of a corn field! FUND THE ARTS!!!

Comment by Bill Lancton

Please continue the arts funding. It is important to Indianapolis and its community.

Comment by Dmitri Alano

A world class city without arts? An oxymoron and a contridiction. Please INCREASE public funds for Arts/Music/Humanities.

Comment by Joe Hart

Mayor Ballard: The Arts are a huge part of the heritage of the Indy Community. We need to keep the modest funding we have, and actually need to increase the level.

Kevin Strunk, Buckdancer’s Choice

Comment by Kevin Strunk

Why on earth would we cut arts? Please realize that there is an entire universe out there and we need to keep all of it alive. The arts needs to come off of the endangered species list now!

Comment by Scott Pazera

Please keep the funding for the arts and our parks. Without the arts and green spaces, this city wouldn’t be nearly as vibrant!

As for needing the money to allow for raises promised to police officers & firefighters, and to help fight increasing crime rates, ac